Qi Yunmei Jiang Yiyan's skin care experience

Jiang Yiyan came out as a singer. Really familiar is her performance in the film and television drama. From "We have nowhere to settle in Fanghua", it seems that every male student’s first love is as painful as Zhou’s , to "Nanjing! Nanjing! In the "Qiu Xi", the daughter-in-law Xiao Jiang, and then to the "Autumn Hi", innocent to some abrupt autumn joy... Jiang Yiyan's feet, always carrying sensation, cowardice and the temperament of a girl next door, Jiang Yiyan started busy in 2009, but She still does not forget to play the ukulele, framing and writing articles. Jiang Yiyan has a lot of talents to get rid of her hands. The film and television works are only the most beautiful people.

Skin care method:

In 2010, Jiang Yiyan became the top brand of the famous Shu Uemura show. Her sweet, simple and natural smell is very touching. She also has the traditional Chinese beauty. Jiang Yiyan’s skin care is more sleepy and beautiful.

On the empty date, Jiang Yiyan will let himself sleep for at least 10 hours. After sleeping, the beauty will be beautifully placed and the room will be carefully placed. Every room in the house will be covered with flowers and the nose will be 80. Keeping the room a little messy, let the tool pile up the room full of looks very warm. She is most comfortable in the afternoon sun, a glass of water, a book, listening to the iPod in the small field Lisa s song.

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