At the year-end award dinner, have you got the toy?

[Chinese and foreign toy nets · Consumer culture] The company's year-end awards are not only financial, strength, but also creativity. In the past, the company issued condoms as the year-end award. Today, the company continues to blame and sends “poop” to employees. However, this is not a living thing, but a toy. Regardless of whether it is "infuriating" or "down-to-earth", the company is looking for color heads; employees want the benefits of the iPhone4 and iPad that are visible and tangible.

Toy poop

As early as a week ago, Xiao Zi, who worked in a foreign trade company in Nanjing, received a notice of mystery from the leader. "This year's year-end award will surprise everyone!" Looking forward to the stars, looking forward to the moon, and finally looking forward to the year, the boss distributed a year-end award to all colleagues in the unit.

Yesterday morning, Xiaozi came to the office as usual, and found a group of hairy "poop" on the table. On the desks of colleagues around me, there was no exception to the "poop". Xiao Zi suddenly realized that the so-called "surprise" was so.

Some people are crying and laughing, and some colleagues have figured out the "deep meaning" of the leadership. "Leadership is to let us "strive", we must know how to be good, thank you for your leadership." Colleagues continue to spoof, decided to use this year-end award to paint with the paint to the wall, in order to lead the call for "dung wall."

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