Five kinds of warm-up exercises to rapidly increase physical fitness

Stand upright and then bend over enough toes for 30 seconds - this is what we learned in physical education classes. It works well in stretching muscles, maintaining strength, and increasing physical flexibility. “Athlete Performance” is a fitness club located in Arizona, USA. It describes five pre-exercise warm-ups and is similar to our physical education preparations. The club founder, Mark Westergen, said that these warm-up preparations are suitable for all sports. A short warm-up of 10 minutes can increase the speed and strength of our sports by 20%. The specific approach is:

One, 90/90 degree stretch:

This action can stretch the trunk and back muscles, which is especially important for sports that require a lot of body rotation, such as golf and tennis. The body is facing the left side, legs close together, and the knees are at a 90-degree angle. Put a towel between your knees and stretch your arms. Then, keep your knees and hips still, rotate your torso and your right arm backwards, and try to ground your right shoulder. Exhale for 2 seconds and return to the initial position. Do 10 times on the left and right sides.

Second, hips across:

Lay flat, bend your knees, place your feet on the floor, and stretch your arms to the sides. Turn to the left and keep your legs bent until you reach the left knee. Then turn right until you reach the right knee. Repeat 10 times on both sides. This exercise is designed to specifically train the flexibility and power of the torso.

Third, walk with both hands:

Stretch your legs straight, bend over, and lay your hands flat on the floor. Abdomen, let the hand move forward. At this time the legs still can not be bent, hands on the ground, take a few steps forward with the foot (the knee can not bend). Do 1 minute in a row. This exercise will work out hamstrings, lower back, gluteal muscles and calf muscles and is suitable for any exercise.

Dive forward, elbow enough to instep:

The left foot strides forward with a big lunge, while keeping his right knee off the ground. The right hand touches the ground, and the left elbow moves to the left instep. Move your left hand to your left foot and use your hands to bring your hips up. Then the right foot stepped forward and stepped up. Do 10 times for each leg. You will feel the groin, the hind leg hip flexor muscle, the front leg muscle and the hamstring stretch.

Fifth, stand upright:

This action will make you feel stretched and fit for the preparation before running. At the beginning the back is straight and arms are on both sides of the body. Stepping forward, the left and right knees take turns to the height of the waist, and at the same time, as the military conductor command, lift up the arm. Go forward 20 steps at a time. Take a rest for 1 minute, then repeat the exercise 2 times.

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