Eyelash care mascara

Now it's a very red "solubility mascara" and a "waterproof mascara" that needs to be removed with a professional makeup remover. After brushing, the two are not easy to fall off. Which one would you choose?

A1, no matter which one, they are very resistant to water, sweat, and sebum, so don't worry that the mascara will smudge and fall off. The main difference between them is the method of applying makeup and removing makeup.

For the type that will fall when it is hot, the water-soluble mascara is softer because it is used on the ciliary membrane. The brushed eyelashes are soft and slender, and the eyelashes are damaged. Waterproof mascara that needs to be removed with a makeup remover is quick-drying, so it is suitable for eyelashes with a lot of elastic feet. This will not only keep the time longer, but also the makeup effect will be very good.

A can make the eyelashes soft and slender (waterproof)

All the ingredients inside are water-repellent and will never be opened within one day. And the length of the black fiber inside is increased, and the unique ingredients contribute to the growth of the eyelashes.

B repeatedly brush the eyelashes, it will not become a "flying leg" (waterproof type)

Two water resistant polymers are used in combination. And because it is a gel-like soft brush, it can brush out the fan-shaped eyelashes with a dense and distinct root.

C is getting longer and longer mascara (solubility)

Add black mascara to the mascara to smooth the mascara and increase the length of the lashes.

D can brush up the curled long eyelashes (solubility)

Fibers of varying lengths can be entangled along the bends of the eyelashes. It also incorporates mascara that makes the eyelashes curl and slender.

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