2011 OL essential 5 creams

Isolation cream is good for computer users. Especially the OLs who work in front of the computer for a long time. Cream is even more essential.

That is because the computer's electrostatic effect on the computer screen absorbs a lot of dust in the air, in addition to the computer's radiation damage to the human body. In short, when using a computer, our skin is in a fairly "dirty" environment. As mentioned earlier, one of the functions of the barrier cream is to isolate the dust in the air. Similarly, rubbing the barrier when using a computer can reduce the damage of the skin caused by dust.

However, after some of the barrier cream is applied, it will make people feel sticky and airtight. Under the small series, we recommend several clear and affordable creams. I believe that it will bring benefits to MM, which has long been exposed to computer radiation.

Recommended products: 芮 芮 皙 whitening cream

Reference price: ¥68.0

Product introduction: SPF26·PA++ protects the skin from UV rays during the day, delays skin aging and inhibits the formation of melanin and acne. SPF 26 PA++ glows with a radiant complexion that forms a natural protective film on dull skin and large pores. Leaves skin hydrated & smooth & silky Inhibition of the formation of lipid peroxides is verified by dermatological expert formula, no irritation, no allergies, no clogged pores. 35g NET WT.1.2 OZ. *The sun protection index varies according to the region.

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