Autumn whitening behind the scenes

Autumn whitening behind the scenes

1, vitamin C

Vitamin C is the most commonly used ingredient in whitening products. It not only has anti-inflammatory effects, but also has a good whitening function. Vitamin C can stimulate collagen hyperplasia, make skin full and elastic, improve wrinkles and anti-aging effects, and can fight back melanin, so it often becomes the main component of whitening products.

Oral vitamin C, after absorption through the intestine, only about 7% can reach the skin, while the product containing vitamin C can directly absorb the skin, and it is faster and more effective.

2, vitamin E

Natural vitamin E promotes metabolism and accelerates the elimination of the produced melanin pigment.

3. Malic acid

In the process of melanin production, malic acid can catch copper ions that catalyze the proliferation of melanin, making melanin unable to form, and also has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidation effects.

4, arbutin

Arbutin is extracted from alpine cranberries, which is used to coagulate a protein called tyrosine plum, so that it does not form melanin.

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