BAIDU_CLB_fillSlot("858283"); In recent years, the round stamping hot stamping technology has been highly favored by cigarette pack printing enterprises due to its high efficiency, high precision and high quality. In October 2014, our company introduced a Evergrande MK2820SW double stat

Packaging yogurt variety, which, even more than with cup packaging packaging costs due to extremely economical, continuous production, high production efficiency is simple, beautiful appearance form and operation of superior performance, by the dairy production enterprises of

Glass bottle packaging is a very important part of container packaging. In recent years, the demand for the domestic glass bottle packaging market is constantly rising. However, exports of glass bottles accounted for a large part of the market, despite the weak demand in the foreign trade market i

French musician Laurent Bernadac is running on a different musical path, using his 3D printed violin 3DVarius to perform a variety of classic music. For example, last month we enjoyed the famous theme song in the popular American drama X-Files that he played with 3DVarius. This time,

Now, make-up has become a must-have skill for girls. For makeup novices, you want to draw a good-looking makeup, and the makeup order must be known. Today, Xiaobian will bring you the correct makeup sequence and help you create a beautiful makeup! Makeup order: The first step: the base makeup Th

Recently, I have seen some of these problems on the Internet: Why do everyone like the solid wood E0 eco-board? In the debate on the questions asked by netizens, the following contents were collected on the Internet in China, and a simple answer for netizens: On the one hand, the artisan so

As we all know, when the air shower room works, it mainly removes the dust from the human body through the air blow. However, for the people who work in the clean room, they must go through the air shower room to get into the clean area every day, so that it is harmless to the body. ? First of al