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The carton pack made of eco-friendly paper or cardboard, such as cigarettes and snack foods for children, is processed by various printing methods. The ink adheres to the paper, and no harmful substances are transferred to the food. How can the safety of the product be tested? We know that printe

Jacques Polge, the top perfume designer, said: “Good perfumes seduce not only the sense of smell but also the vision. The visual impact of a perfectly designed perfume bottle actually captures the customer’s heart earlier than the olfactory temptation. The perfume bottle is not just a

(Sioux Version) Two compulsory courseware: Topic 1 Lesson 4 "Bird Cry" 1. In the daytime, no bird song can be heard, but the shape of the bird can be seen. No creature in the world is more handsome than a bird. How many unknown birds jump on the branches, some have long tails, some have lo

Mobile phase selection 1. Strong to weak 2. Triple rule 3. Several factors to be considered when selecting mobile phase from coarse adjustment to fine adjustment How to choose pH value of mobile phase Buffer pH value Mobile phase filtration of degassed mobile phase Special attention should be paid t

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] In recent years, housing prices have remained high, and the use of residential houses has shrunk. How to improve the utilization rate of space with the most reasonable means, re-planning the space according to actual needs, making it unreasonable to make t

The temperament beauty Liu Tao has always loved the love of many viewers, and her starring TV series "Yin Wife" will land on Hunan Satellite TV on March 3. All the dramas show the charm of a good wife. Today we are together. Look at her temperament makeup. Good wife needs a man-made meat