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Paper Chi Printing: The most commonly used printing. The screen hole of the screen printing plate can be printed through the ink and leaked onto the substrate; Bleed: A place reserved for cutting prints. Plastic printing: used for bag printing. Grams: The main policy for weighing paper thickne

Are you a national face? Do you think the makeup of the Chinese character face is beautiful? Take a look at these makeup techniques: let you bid farewell to the national character face and increase the feminine charm. Analysis: Coral-colored blush is pink and natural, which can strengthen your fac

Autumn whitening behind the scenes 1, vitamin C Vitamin C is the most commonly used ingredient in whitening products. It not only has anti-inflammatory effects, but also has a good whitening function. Vitamin C can stimulate collagen hyperplasia, make skin full and elastic, improve wrinkles and a

Jiang Yiyan came out as a singer. Really familiar is her performance in the film and television drama. From "We have nowhere to settle in Fanghua", it seems that every male student’s first love is as painful as Zhou’s , to "Nanjing! Nanjing! In the "Qiu Xi", t

Now it's a very red "solubility mascara" and a "waterproof mascara" that needs to be removed with a professional makeup remover. After brushing, the two are not easy to fall off. Which one would you choose? A1, no matter which one, they are very resistant to water, sweat, a

1st STEP Correct cleaning: proper cleansing + exfoliation As long as you can do a good job of cleaning and moisturizing, you can make the impossible task of shrinking pores just around the corner. Washing your face is like a double-sided blade for your skin. If you don't wash off the excess gr