When the new year is over, everyone wants to be more beautiful. We saw that the masters of the make-up artist have produced countless amazing makeup, and the most important makeup is the foundation. In addition to skillful techniques, they have their own magic weapon - puff. Don't underestimate

Ruan Xun stated in his report that he had obtained 70% of the money from the sale of fake wine. Since the beginning of 2010, he has won a total of 7 million yuan. Ministry of Public Security "Hunter" special action seized the Maotai, Wuliangye, wine cellar and other countries to identify

Gloss is a key word for youth and health. As a bride, the makeup must of course shine high! Pearls, stars, sunsets.. All the good things in nature are different elements of happiness. On the wedding day, when all the sparkles fall on your face, it is like the high-profile expression of your love!

The cold wave hit the world, immersing the entire northern hemisphere in the cold. However, in the same cold, geographical latitudes can cause different temperatures, humidity, and other factors in different regions to promote different skin care strategies. Let's take a look at how the two of

Empty and unreliable, can not be down to earth, affecting the development of the cause. Modern metropolises often have buildings in front of the building, buildings in the back of the building, and buildings in the side of the building. The bed is too close to the window, so that the bedroom can no

The standard lags behind the current implementation of the national standard for solvent miscellaneous products in flexible packaging, is formulated in GB/T 10005 more than 10 years ago. The standard stipulates that the total residual solvent content of the compounded product should not exceed 10

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