4 steps to draw a small face, let you say goodbye to the national face

Are you a national face? Do you think the makeup of the Chinese character face is beautiful? Take a look at these makeup techniques: let you bid farewell to the national character face and increase the feminine charm.

Analysis: Coral-colored blush is pink and natural, which can strengthen your face, and the curved oblique upward brushing method is an excellent choice to cover up the fleshy face. As for the wide face type with the cheekbones protruding, you should choose the "Four V" blush brush method, which will have a magical face-lift effect!


1. Draw the blush in a slanting line, starting from the eye bags and the most muscles next to the nose, and brushing along the curve of the cheekbone to the temple. In order to avoid excessive color, you should first use a large brush to blush , shake off the excess powder, and then start brushing.

2, then use the shadow color in the middle part of the bridge of the nose and the nose side, so that the transition of the cheeks is natural, eliminating the feeling of abrupt, remember to use the brightening color as much as possible in this part, so as to avoid the effect of expansion and expansion.


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