Dark flash powder can enhance your temperament

What color of glitter is usually used when you make up ? Do you know what color of glitter can enhance your temperament? Let's take a look and make your fashion more charming.

Dark flash powder can enhance your temperament

1, dark flash powder can change people more than light flash powder

Although it is more common to use light-colored glitter on weekdays, brighten the brow bones, eyes and the like, the kind is perfect for fine carving, and the dark glitter is out, the effect must be immediate, especially for the eyes. Make-up will make the eyes of the lost eyes immediately return to the look, so beauty experts believe that to change the face faster and more thoroughly, dark glitter is one of the very good makeup.

2, no it is sad

Christmas is coming, and then the New Year is coming, and these dark glitters are the best partners to set off the new face of the festival. They just flash under the light, but they can make the eyes and skin full of temptation. The simplest is to be blurred. Eyeliner or eye shadow.

3, only add a little, but more than nine points temperament

Perhaps the most fascinating thing about this year's hot golden brown is that it gives women a very temperament. The usual silver is a bit stiff, and the gold is not so cold. In the late autumn, it is dotted on the cheekbones, eyebrows or lips, and then with all kinds of clothes, it is easy to produce results.

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