Light and monochrome makeup to create innocence

If you don't want a girl with too strong makeup, you can use nude makeup to express it. In addition to the thin and flawless skin, choose a monochrome makeup , stacking in layers to show the overall texture, the earth color will be the best color. You can create a perfect picture of a beautiful girl who is flawless!

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STEP1 color eyeshadow is applied to the entire eye socket in a wide range, and then slightly fainted; the eyelids of the double eyelids are brown, and the eyeliner edges are reinforced with brown eyeliner.

After the STEP2 is brightened at the brow bone, there is a part that can make the eyes deeper, which is the C-shaped position at the end of the eye, sweeping back and forth, mixing 2 colors.

STEP3 draws a light brown color on the entire lower eyelid, so that the eyes are a little bit of a small silkworm with a peach blossom; the black eyeball is painted with a bright color to make the eyes look bright.

The part of STEP4 eyelashes does not need to be over-emphasized, so as not to lose the intention of nude makeup, apply thick and long mascara to the real eyelashes, and then use eyelash comb to finish.

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