Print knowledge of printing knowledge plane

Paper Chi Printing: The most commonly used printing.

The screen hole of the screen printing plate can be printed through the ink and leaked onto the substrate;

Bleed: A place reserved for cutting prints.

Plastic printing: used for bag printing.

Grams: The main policy for weighing paper thickness.

Ream: A unit that weighs the number of papers (1 order equals 500).

Off: Refers to the full open paper cut from the outside for the other side.

Gri pper gri (gripper): The place where paper is placed on the printing press.

Printing knowledge outside the concept of printing knowledge (a), p-number: refers to a 16-inch open side.

Industry terminology:

Special materials: Printing refers to the printing of glass, metal, wood, etc.

Out of film: The process of using a female file to output film.

Used for stickers printing.

Printing science screen printing: Can be printed on various types of materials, used for gift printing.

Classification by material

Proofing: The process of making a print proof.

Spot color: refers to the appearance of colors other than four colors (yellow, magenta, cyan, and black).

Offset: Offset printing. The printing plate used is smooth.

Film: It is a bright film used to transfer print documents through an imagesetter. It is used for printing printing plates.

Optical paper (artpaper): A type of printing paper, without a coating layer, and a printing knowledge of non-light printing knowledge. (1)

Offset paper: a type of printing paper, paper without a coating layer without a coating layer, used for letter paper, envelopes and so on.

Mo: Large-capacity rewritable media used to store electric women's documents in the early printing period.

Screen Printing - Basic Principles of Printing

Cropping: refers to the trimming of printed products on the coating layer.

Mostly used for printing color promotional materials.

Touch net: also known as moire, refers to the four-color screen printing overlay when two or more colors.

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