Brief description of basic methods for improving plastic transparency

To measure the transparency of some plastics, there are many standards, such as light transmittance, haze, refractive index, double refraction, and dispersion.

According to the light transmittance of the material, it can be divided into: transparent material: the transmittance of visible light at wavelength 400-800 nm is above 80%; the transmittance of translucent material: 400 nm-800 nm visible light is at 50%- 80%; opaque material: The refractive index of visible light from 400 nm to 800 nm is below 50%. According to the above classification, the resin can be divided into transparent resin: mainly includes PMMA, PC, PS, PET, PES, JD series, CR-39, SAN (also known as AS), TPX, HEMA, BS (also known as K resin) Etc.; translucent resin: PP, PA; opaque resin: ABS, POM, PTFE, PF and so on.

The principle of improving the transparency of plastics: reduce the degree of crystallinity, control the quality of cleanliness, increase the refractive index, and reduce the birefringence.

Addition of improved plastic transparency can add nucleating agents, which is the most effective way to increase the transparency of transparent resins, which can promote the crystallization of small molecules. It can act as a nucleus in the resin.

Blending improves the transparency of plastics by adding other resins to transparent resins to increase transparency.

The biaxial stretching improves the transparency of the plastic, and can break the original crystal particles in the product to make the crystal size smaller and reach the goal of improving the light transmittance.

Basic Info

Model NO.: GY
Key Words: Plastic Tube Packaging
Name: Cosmetic Packaging Tube
Title: Cosmetic Packaging Tube
Secification: Dia13mm
Surface Handling: Offset, Hot Stamping, Silk Screen, Labeling
Tube Color: White, Black Transparent, Colored
Coating: Glossy, Matte
Capacity: 3-500ml
Cap: Flip Top Cap, Screw on Cap
Shape: Round
Trademark: GY
Transport Package: Bulk Packed by Big Plastic Bag and Then in Corruga
Specification: Customer customized
Origin: China
HS Code: 39173100

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