Round pressing and hot stamping technology increases the production efficiency of cigarette packets by 4 times!

In recent years, the round stamping hot stamping technology has been highly favored by cigarette pack printing enterprises due to its high efficiency, high precision and high quality. In October 2014, our company introduced a Evergrande MK2820SW double station round press circle. After a period of production and use, the webbing hot stamping machine found that whether it is production efficiency, product quality, or energy saving and environmental protection, the significant advantages of round stamping and stamping technology are reflected in the processing of cigarette printing and printing in our company. .

Hot stamping production efficiency has increased dramatically

The double-station round-pressed web hot stamping machine can complete the hot stamping in one pass, because the equipment is hot stamping at the same time, which greatly improves the production efficiency of the cigarette pack product and reduces the scrap rate. It saves the turnaround time and space required for the conversion of semi-finished processes. The production speed of MK2820SW double-station round-press web hot stamping machine can reach 80~120m/min. Take the "Hongtashan (Classic 1956)" soft box and the "Yuxi" soft box cigarette package produced by our company as an example. In normal production, the hot stamping speed can reach 80m/min, and the average is about 9,500 sheets/ The hour is more than 4 times that of the traditional single-station flat-pressing and bronzing machine, and the production efficiency of the cigarette pack has been significantly improved.

Hot stamping with high precision and stable quality

The hot stamping accuracy of MK2820SW double-station circular-pressed web hot stamping machine is less than ±0.10mm. By observing the production process of different speeds and different cigarette packages, the author finds that the actual hot stamping deviation of the equipment is allowed under the condition of material error. The maximum is not more than ±0.15mm, and the hot stamping accuracy is high. The electro-aluminum of MK2820SW double-position circular-pressed web bronzing machine adopts vacuum adsorption to take the foil, and the foil and foil are controlled by independent servo motor. The production of electro-aluminized aluminum is accurate, the tension control is good, hot stamping The quality is relatively stable. According to the quality statistics and comparison of nearly 10 batches of cigarette packages such as “Hongtashan (Classic 1956)” soft box and “Yuxi” soft box produced by our company, the qualified rate of comprehensive hot stamping of two stations is 99.5. %~99.9%.

The round-pressed web hot stamping machine is a round-pressed circular structure, and the embossing method is a line contact type. Compared with the conventional flat-pressing and bronzing machine, the structure requires a large area of ​​hot stamping with high pressure requirements and fine separation requirements. The higher fine lines have obvious advantages. The edges of the hot stamping pattern are clear, the small lines can be reproduced realistically, and the hot stamping pressure, flatness and gloss are also greatly improved, and the effect is realistic.

Save paper and anodized aluminum

MK2820SW double-station round-pressed web bronzing machine has the function of product pull-back pre-registration, which can realize zero-speed positioning and splicing. When the machine stops, the paper can be pulled back, and the hot stamping can be re-registered. Increased production efficiency while consuming aluminum.

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