What do I need to pay attention to when choosing a yogurt cup sealing compound film?

Packaging yogurt variety, which, even more than with cup packaging packaging costs due to extremely economical, continuous production, high production efficiency is simple, beautiful appearance form and operation of superior performance, by the dairy production enterprises of all ages, below We give a detailed introduction on how to choose and use multi-cup sealing film .

Frequently Asked Questions in the Use of Multi-Cup Parafilm

  1. Poor quality sealing compound film is easy to cause the deviation of the sealing pattern and the cup surface and the inaccuracy of punching, which not only destroys the integrity and beauty of the product, but also affects the production, and will also have a negative impact on sales.

2. Poor quality sealing film will cause wrinkling and unevenness of the sealing, which is very prone to milk leakage, which will cause waste and increase production costs. What is more serious is that if milk quality problems occur after consumers buy it, it will bring dairy companies Bad negative effects.

3. When the tear film with poor easy tearing performance is torn, there will be phenomena such as tearing, layering, and tearing, which affect the normal use of the product and affect the consumer's trust in the inherent quality of the product.

4. Yogurt products with unclean packaging are extremely susceptible to bacterial infection on the packaging and produce spoilage, and if placed on the market, the consequences will be unimaginable.

Precautions when purchasing yogurt sealing compound film

The filling of yoghurt products is completed in one continuous operation in the assembly line. The shelf life of this product under refrigeration conditions is only 2 to 3 weeks, so the quality requirements of the sealing film are very high:

1. The sealing film products should have excellent equipment adaptability to ensure the continuous normal operation of the equipment, so when purchasing, we must pay attention to the distance between the light spots of the sealing film unit to meet the continuous production requirements of the equipment;

2. With excellent sealing performance, there should be a proper adhesion between the sealing film and the cup to ensure the beauty of the sealing and the indentation line, and the surface of the yogurt cup with the sealing button is flat without wrinkles;

3. As the viscosity of yoghurt increases, the method of drinking through a straw can no longer meet the demand, which requires that the cover film should be easy to tear after sealing, that is, the sealing film can be easily opened without falling off easily. , Whether it is easy to tear or not has become an extremely important indicator in the purchase of parafilm;

4. For flat film, safe and reliable hygiene is very important, which requires suppliers from raw material procurement to finished product delivery, the sanitation of the entire production process is under strict control;

5. Whether the appearance of the sealing film itself has good design and printing quality. Good design and exquisite appearance patterns can quickly attract consumers' attention, which plays a strong catalytic role in the sale of dairy products. This requires the cover film supplier to maximize the design intent, and even provide customers with excellent design.

In summary, dairy manufacturers should be very cautious when purchasing parafilms, and comprehensive analysis of supplier production scale, equipment conditions, management level, technical development capabilities, etc., so it is very important to conduct a comprehensive on-site inspection and evaluation of suppliers It is necessary.


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