Makeup novice must see makeup order

Now, make-up has become a must-have skill for girls. For makeup novices, you want to draw a good-looking makeup, and the makeup order must be known. Today, Xiaobian will bring you the correct makeup sequence and help you create a beautiful makeup!
Makeup order makeup novice foundation makeup lower eyeliner
Makeup order:
The first step: the base makeup
The most essential thing for a perfect makeup is the base makeup. When time permits, apply a moisturizing mask to make the skin more radiant and radiant. Choose a liquid foundation with the same color as the skin tone, then use the foundation to evenly apply a liquid foundation on the face, and swipe back and forth to avoid leaving brush marks. It's like putting a lot of small "X" on the face. After the foundation brush is used, you can use the sponge block to gently press the whole face. This will help the foundation to be more evenly distributed and make the overall makeup more natural. Transparent.
Second step
There are a lot of MMs who have been wondering why I feel that my makeup is dirty and dirty. The problem is that I didn't make a careful makeup. Most honey powders are divided into many color numbers. It is not only good to look at so many color numbers, but the reason for it. For example, pink is suitable for pale skin, green is suitable for red blood on skin, purple is suitable for The skin is dull, the model is purple. First use a dry powder puff to apply a proper amount of honey powder to fold evenly, use your fingers to remove excess powder, evenly press on the skin, then use a large makeup brush to remove excess powder, do not forget the corners of the eyes, nose, mouth These oily areas are flourishing. A good powder is not only a makeup effect, but also a secondary modification.
The third step of the eyeliner
Place the mirror 20cm away from the body, look down at the eye, and gently pull the eyelid up with the ring finger. Stick to the root of the eyelashes and draw from the end of the eye to the corner of the eye. The outer corner of the eye is elongated. Use the eyeliner brush to push the eyeliner from the corner of the eye to the end of the eye to make the line clear. The step of using the eyeliner to smudge the eyeliner is definitely not saved. This step can make the eyeliner look natural and not too rigid. If you are inside the double, the eye is easy to get oil, MM suggest you use waterproof eyeliner. The makeup of the eyeliner cream is better than the eyeliner or the eyeliner powder. It is easier to control than the liquid eyeliner.
Step 4 Eyeshadow
Use a medium-sized eye shadow brush to apply white or light-skinned highlights, sweeping the entire upper eyelid from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye to emphasize the structure. Use a small eye shadow brush to repeatedly sweep the brown color on the eye line, control the area of ​​the brown color, and use only a small range, which can make the whole eye look more three-dimensional. Pay attention to the transition of the level when smudged, to avoid the dirty feeling caused by uneven application.
The fifth step mascara
The model MM's eyelashes are thicker, so she chose a long mascara. Mascara is a very important step in adjusting your eyes. If the mascara is very neat and clean, and the eyelashes are curled up, the eyes will look much bigger. It also helps to reduce the fatigue caused by dark circles, and the curled eyelashes can make you look more spiritual. The eyelashes are clipped in the order from the outermost to the middle and the last root, so that the eyelashes of the clip are naturally curled up and the curl can reach 80 degrees. Brush the eyelashes with the 'Z' method. You can't apply too much mascara. The eyelashes will not lift because they are too heavy.
The sixth step of the lower eyeliner
Choose a black eyeliner that is easy to color and draw at the end of the eye. It can emphasize the strength of the eye. The inner eyelids are 2/3 outside the eyeliner, and then lightly smudge with a small eye shadow brush. Pay attention to the depth of the eyeliner and control the makeup. The more beautiful it will be. You can draw a little more at the end of the eye. Finally, use a white eye shadow to draw inside the eyelids and the eye, so that the outline of the eye will become bigger and brighter.
The seventh step is to repair the face
In the triangle area of ​​the ear to the laughing muscles, the mandibular angle is brushed from the back to the front with a dark-colored powder or a liquid foundation that is darker than the skin color, and the nose is brightened from top to bottom with a white tone of the face. This line, forehead, chin. Visually create a sense of contour and enhance the face.
The eighth step is blush
In the entire makeup, the eye shadow is the visual center of gravity, so the blush and lip color should be treated lightly. The model chooses the pink blush powder. Since the model MM is a diamond face, the blush that helps her brush is a blush circle. The type of blush is gradually fainted, and this is only suitable for a diamond face or like a cute point.
The ninth step lip gloss
Choose a light pink sequined lip gloss to fill it up.

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