Which categories of glass bottles rely on exports

Glass bottle packaging is a very important part of container packaging. In recent years, the demand for the domestic glass bottle packaging market is constantly rising. However, exports of glass bottles accounted for a large part of the market, despite the weak demand in the foreign trade market in recent years. So, in the foreign trade market, the types of glass bottles are popular and demand is strong. Today we will do some analysis.

First, wine bottles account for a large share of the glass bottle packaging exports. The origin and production enterprises of wine are basically in Europe and the United States. Although the growth of the domestic wine market has been strong in recent years, imported wine still occupies a large share. For this reason, wine bottles are also export-oriented. Second, a large part of perfume glass bottle packaging is export-oriented. The global perfume production and consumer market is also mainly based abroad. This determines that the market for perfumed glass bottles is also export-oriented. Finally, some food and cosmetics glass bottles, such as jam-type glass bottles, because the global market share of jam is also abroad, these packaging domestic glass bottle manufacturers are also mainly export.

Therefore, regardless of the foreign trade market demand, for some products are not popular in the country, manufacturers are also mainly concentrated in foreign countries, these glass bottle packaging still have to focus on exports.

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