White paper's gorgeous transforming jewelry zero cost skillful DIY

An ordinary white paper can change 4 exquisite home accessories to ensure that your home brings new ideas, both personalized and fashionable. Moreover, the unobtrusive plain paper is elegant and elegant, and it is used for new ideas, restrained and more sincere.

DIY1 quietly blooms


Quietly bloom

Delicate petals last for a long time, unaffected by the seasons. Spread them in the center of the table or hold them in wooden trays, perfect for indoor use.


Quietly bloom

1. Cut a flower pattern from a plain cotton paper, or a 7.5cm round shape. A total of 8 layers of paper are needed, pick them up, and poke a hole with a pin.

2. Tuck into the tie that is usually used to tie the plastic bag of bread, twist the end of the tie into the shape of the flower, and finally leave the work of pinching the petals. Gently gather a layer of cotton paper at a time, and the elegant paper flowers will be done.

Dish Drainer:

Dish Drainer features sturdy construction in a space saving design complete with removable cup and utensil holders. Use the top rack to hold up to dozen plates or saucers and the bottom rack has ample space for several bowls, cup or glasses. The removable utensil basket and cup holder add even more capacity. We have added a sturdy plastic bottom and removable drip pan to hold the dryer in place and keep your counter top dry. Great for homes, dorms or campers. The polished chrome compliments any kitchen decor. 

Dish Drainer

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