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Structure of solid wood composite door

The structure of the solid wood composite door includes:

a. Door core: The door core board adopts the superior northeast pine or fir tooth joint board, and controls the water content by multiple processes such as high temperature cooking and drying, which is not easy to deform and flatness, and the deformation is eliminated from the door core; Guaranteed thickness is 2.8cm

b. Balance layer: The medium density board is integrated with the main material of the door core after being pressed by the hot press, thereby ensuring the overall stability and the flatness of the finish, and solving the problems of deformation cracking and the like. The standard thickness is 6mm.

c, solid wood: walnut, cherry, Sapele, shadow wood, teak, ebony, rosewood, crape, oak. National standard thickness 0.6mmd, door cover: solid wood multi-layer board, superior to MDF, with high strength and toughness, strong nail holding power, moisture resistance, deformation resistance, wear resistance, scratch resistance, etc. The standard thickness is 1.8cm.

Type of solid wood composite door

1. According to the surface material: there are more than ten kinds of walnut, cherry, sapele, shadow wood, maple, teak, ebony, rosewood, crape myrtle, zebra, etc.

2, according to the function points: according to the purpose of the household door, bedroom door, study room door, kitchen door, bath door; apartment hotel room door, bath door, corridor door, office commercial door, etc.
3, according to the opening method: Slide rail door: horizontal push-pull open, does not take up space. Mainly used for kitchen doors, bathroom doors, balcony doors. Hinge door: Turning on, mainly used for door, bedroom door, office door.

4, the surface treatment can be divided into: Baizhumen: no paint, buy back to find the oil hand brush paint, due to hand brush paint, reduce the quality of the door. Paint door: Also known as the finished door, the door that has been painted in the factory can be installed directly.

5. Split the door in the form of a door: the edge of the door is flat. The traditional door is a flat door. Due to the opening of the lock, there is a gap of 3 mm between the door and the door frame, and a sealing strip is provided.

T-port: A new type of door imported from Europe. The edge of the door is a T-shaped mouth. The protruding part is pressed against the door sleeve and is provided with a sealing strip.

6, according to the door type and process are divided into full glass door, half glass door, plate door, core board door.

The panel door is sealed, no perspective light transmission point, and is mostly used for the door and the bedroom door. This door can engrave the groove and make the convex line. The shape is beautiful and the overall is good.
The core panel door is equipped with one or more core plates in the middle of the door, which is convex and has a strong three-dimensional artistic.

The full glass door is a door fan with glass as the main body. The whole door has only four sides and a pier, and the rest are made of glass. It has the characteristics of bright light and good transparency, and is rich in artistry and appreciation.

The semi-glass door is made of glass above, and the lower half is plate type with proper transparency.

Solid wood composite door advantages
1. It solves the stability problems such as deformation and cracking of solid wood doors.
2, the door sets used in high-grade solid wood composite doors are factory-made, easy to install, directly eliminating the paint and noise pollution on the spot.
3. Only the finished solid wood composite door is easy to decorate, and it can perfectly match the furniture and the ornament in the style and color, maximally showing the master's understanding of the living environment, the taste and pursuit of the life style.

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