How to choose the correct cleansing oil

● About the cleansing oil

makeup remover

makeup remover

The most famous anti-cleansing oil expert is Japan's beauty godmother Saiki Chijin, who wrote in the book, "The active agent content of a bottle of cleansing oil is similar to that of a bottle of kitchen detergent. It is very skin-friendly. Not good." And many people also use the cleansing oil to cause pores to clog and grow acne. In fact, for the skin, oil unloading is a gentle and effective method of removing makeup. Many people who use skin cleansing oil have skin deterioration. The problem is that the massage method is too heavy, or the cleansing step is not enough to clean thoroughly. The ingredients are not suitable for your skin, so it is necessary to use good things. Only to play positive energy.
● The most important ingredient in the cleansing oil cleansing oil is oil, which accounts for more than 60%. Secondly, there are 10%~20% surfactants, which can function as water emulsification and strong makeup remover. Once again, the brand will add essential oils, flavors and other ingredients according to their own demands, and finally it is a preservative. As the most important ingredient "oil", the safety and effect of the product are determined. The following three types are the three most commonly used "oil" brands.
● Mineral oil:
Non-polar oil, mild texture, the highest purity mineral oil is generally used as a baby skin care oil, also as a coating for wounds and eye ointments. Because there is no polarity, the ability to dissolve make-up is weak. The higher the purity of mineral oil, the safer it is for the skin.
How to distinguish: the oil film is very sticky, it will be blocked by the oil film when applied, it is not easy to rinse.
Suitable for skin: sensitive skin, not strong makeup, or very concerned about the mildness of cleansing oil MM.
● Vegetable oil:
A slightly polar natural oil that is very mild and safe and has almost the same mineral oil. Because of the problem of being easily oxidized, the formula added to the cleansing oil usually has the shortest shelf life, so few brands use pure vegetable oil as a cleansing oil. First, the cost is high, and the second is a short shelf life.
How to tell: It is obvious that oil smell can be smelled for more than one year. If the cleansing oil you buy emphasizes a purely botanical formula and has been used for more than a year without any odor, it means the brand is not telling the truth.
Suitable for skin: MM with sensitive skin, no strong makeup, or very controlled plant ingredients.
● Synthetic esters:
Commonly used in cleansing oils are synthetic esters with a lower polarity and a lower molecular weight (IPM isopropyl myristate, IPP isopropyl hexadecanate). Synthetic esters have a high polarity and are strong in dissolving and dispersing the dirt, so the makeup removal effect is also the best. However, because the molecules are small, there is a risk of infiltration into the skin leading to allergies. It is recommended to use this type of cleansing oil. Do not leave it on your face for too long and rinse it off as soon as possible.
How to distinguish: the makeup remover is fast, and the discharge is clean and neat.
Suitable for the skin: people who often make heavy makeup or use waterproof makeup, blackheads and noses are always clean.

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