Share the pre-marital beauty skin skills

October is the marriage month of the entertainment circle. Following the "golden leftovers" Karen Mok, Gigi Leung and Guo Yuni, there are four female artists from Hong Kong and Taiwan lined up at the end of the month, including the SHE member Selina (Ren Jiaxuan), who is still recovering. Li Wei, Taiwanese supermodel Lin Jialu and Chen Beier, a female anchor. Before the star wedding, the beautiful skills are all kinds of tricks. From the pre-marital beauty skills, come together to "take the classics"!

Stars get married, brides love to marry foreign men

Share the pre-marital beauty skin skills

Weddings during the National Day have always been the favorite of newcomers in the country. The "11" period is also the time of the largest number of marriages a year. Obviously, such a wedding season also infected female stars, this eleven, Mo Wenwei, Guo Yuni, Liang Qiqi have dressed in wedding dresses, into the palace of marriage.

On October 3, 35-year-old Gigi Leung married

Share the pre-marital beauty skin skills

At 8 o'clock in the evening on October 3, Hong Kong time, Gigi Gigi and her Spanish boyfriend Sergio, who had been filming for half a year, held a romantic and simple wedding on the small island of Ibiza, Spain, to carry out another stage of life.

Gigi Leung's skin is smooth and full, and there is no trace of ecstasy. Her moisturizing method is indispensable. Gigi Leung said that she is the first and most important daily skin care product to promote mineral water every day. She explained: “More drinking water can help the body's metabolism, indirectly let the skin absorb natural moisture, and the skin will become very shiny and elastic. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day! Friends say I am made of water."

41-year-old Mo Wenwei married on October 1

Share the pre-marital beauty skin skills

After the Golden Melody Awards in Taiwan, Karen Mok held a solemn and romantic wedding with his first boyfriend, Johannes, at the Ferregamo Manor in Florence, Italy on October 1.

Share the pre-marital beauty skin skills

The 41-year-old Karen Mok, in addition to being born with a model body, her skin condition is well maintained, and the white enamel reveals a clean elegance. Basically, Karen Mok will use different skin care products for different situations. For example, if the weather is dry recently, she will use some moisturizing moisturizer.

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