Ink single-fluid technology

The ink is printed with water and dampening device removed, no waste water is produced, and no need to coordinate the ink and water balance. Unlike waterless offset printing, the use of single-fluid offset printing inks does not require special plates or printing presses. The ink can be printed on a sheet of paper glue, or it can be printed on a four-color offset press with a thermosetting web, which also increases the speed of the offset press. The use of this ink is very simple, as long as the ink directly in the fountain, you can open. In the process of printing, a much smaller number of sheets than traditional offset printing can be used to meet the requirements of the field density, thus greatly reducing the amount of waste paper.

The dot gain of the ink is very small, and dot duplication is particularly accurate. Dots can still be seen within 95% of the dots. The quality of printed images is clear, and the accuracy of color density can reach a good level.

In today's ever-changing era of technology, companies must create new products that meet their customers' needs in order to survive the competition. The printing ink industry is no exception, and some of these big companies are constantly reforming their own products and developing products that can bring more benefits to customers. Mr. Bill Tasker, Principal of National Printing Ink Research Institute (NPIRI) and Vice President of INX International, said: “In the past, people generally believed that ink technology developed with the development of printing, but with the advancement of inkjet technology. , had to add updated content in the ink technology, ink technology development is very fast."

U.S. Printing Ink Products: Market Share:

Offset $2.2 billion

Flexo Printing $900 Million

Gravure 600 Million Dollars

Screen printing 260 million US dollars

Digital Printing / Inkjet $250 Million

Printed 100 million U.S. dollars

Specialty inks (safe, tag) $270 million

A total of $4.580 billion

Existing products often have some improvements. For this reason, some large printing ink manufacturers have established a foundation that promises to provide new technologies to make inks have better printing performance. Last year was a breakthrough year. Many new technologies emerged at the Drupa conference. Drupa has the ability to gather the research results of various companies.

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Small Animal Accessories

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