Helps to lose weight according to the color of the food

have you heard of it? There is a kind of weight loss that can help you achieve the purpose of weight loss according to the color of food. For example, black can help you bring enough nutrition, green can help you stabilize your mood...

Food black red yellow white weight loss diet

Choosing a diet based on food color can help you lose weight. When you see red, orange, and bright yellow foods, you should "brake" to eat less. When you see white, green, and black foods, you can choose to eat more. Green, white, and black foods are generally low-calorie foods, which are foods that help you lose weight. They are not only low in calories, but also rich in dietary fiber.

Green food mainly refers to various green vegetables, such as tender bamboo shoots, spinach, avocado, cabbage, and olive oil. These foods are neutral in color and do not contain high fat and rich in nutrients. Many people are easily affected during the weight loss period. Eating green food is good for stabilizing the mood and reducing tension. Moreover, the various nutrients of green food are rich and balanced, especially vitamins.

White food has a certain inhibitory effect on appetite. White foods, such as radishes, tofu, milk, rice, ramen and yoghurt, add some of these foods to the diet during weight loss, which helps to regulate vision and stability, and is of great benefit to people with high blood pressure and heart disease.

Black foods such as black sesame seeds, walnuts, black fungus, ganoderma lucidum, kelp, black fish, black-bone chicken, etc. contain very few harmful ingredients and complete nutrients, which can bring sufficient nutrition to the weight-loss group without burdening the weak body. Especially for those who suffer from arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, stroke and other diseases, you can eat more.

Red and orange foods are the most stimulating appetites, which can make people eat a few mouthfuls without knowing it. This makes it easy to bury hidden dangers for obesity. Therefore, these colors of food are suitable as the color of breakfast during weight loss, giving an exciting start to every day. But for lunch and dinner, you should eat less of this kind of food. When you eat boiled fish, you can see the color of the red dragonfly. It is very appetizing. Although eating fish will not increase fat, eating chili will appetite and appetite. Ok, other foods will eat more, and fat will accumulate without knowing it.

In addition, meat can be divided into three categories according to color: red meat, white meat and colorless meat. It is best for people who lose weight to choose white meat and colorless meat. Colorless meat mainly refers to aquatic shellfish meat, such as oyster meat, oysters and crab meat. Its saturated fat content is lower than that of any other meat type, only half of cheese and eggs, thus avoiding the increase of human cholesterol. Moreover, the content of saturated fat and cholesterol in white meat (chicken, duck, rabbit and fish) and colorless meat is significantly lower than that of red meat (pork, beef, lamb).

Tips: The amount of food required by the human body for each of the five types of foods increases from dark to light, that is, the amount of white food required by the human body is greater than that of yellow food, larger than red food, larger than green food, and larger than black food. During weight loss, you should pay attention to the daily matching of foods of various colors according to this rule, so as to balance the diet and nutrition, which is more conducive to healthy weight loss.

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