China wooden door network reminds you: buy wooden door to three defense

China wooden door network reminds you: buy wooden door to three defense

First defense: determine the material only by the cross section

If you have purchased a wooden door, you must have such experience. When you enter a wooden door store, the salesperson of the wooden door manufacturer, in addition to introducing the characteristics of the wooden door itself, will also introduce the cross section of the wooden door to the customer, but according to industry insiders, consumption It is unreliable to buy wooden doors only because of the cross-section. Because the products are ready, the customer can no longer open the wooden doors to check. In many cases, the real wood used is much more than the cross-section of the display. The price of thousands of yuan is actually It is only a material of six or seven hundred yuan, and it is also possible to sell the price of solid wood doors, but the filler inside is honeycomb paper; the second obvious problem is that it is a wooden door made in China, but it is Guangdong Gate, Beijing. The "outerwear" of the door. "Some places have special processing points. Wherever the door can be made, and then the local manufacturing trademark is attached. Some merchants use the scorpion of the foreign door to attract consumers, and then use the name of the foreign door to increase the price. Take huge profits!"

The professional manufacturer of wooden door manufacturers said that when buying a door, in addition to shopping, if the filling is not the same, the weight can be identified; some merchants will cover the material, including the bottom of the door, including the bottom. It can't be distinguished from the appearance, but the door and bottom of the formal business are not painted; the ordinary wood veneer door purchase price and freight cost is at least 1,000 yuan, if the solid wood door is sold for five or six hundred yuan, then it should Be alert.

Second defense: the choice of wooden door style is too sloppy

If the wooden door brand is determined, the choice of wooden door style is also very knowledgeable. We often talk about "facades", we must know that the choice of the door is the facade of your home, sloppy. In addition to the quality of the wooden door, it is also necessary to consider whether the function, style and color of the wooden door are coordinated with each other.

The most important thing about the bedroom door is to consider privacy and create a warm atmosphere. Therefore, the door type with weak light transmission and firmness is adopted. The door of the study should have a good sound insulation effect, good light transmission and strong design. It can produce a simple and elegant book fragrance; the kitchen door should choose a waterproof and sealed door type to effectively block the fumes generated during cooking, such as semi-transparent semi-glass doors; the bathroom door mainly focuses on privacy and Water-repellent and other factors, in addition to the choice of unique solid wood doors, you can also choose to design a stylish full-brushed semi-glass door.

On the other hand, the color of the wooden door is closely related to the color of the wall, the floor and the soft decoration of the furniture. The designer suggested that if you don't have much confidence, you can just close the color of the door to a "big environment", or the floor or furniture or decoration, and then distinguish it in the details, so that it will not go wrong; another point is Wooden doors, walls and floors are best kept in the same color system, but the colors are best not to be the same, so that there are some differences in the general direction of the general direction, to prevent the ground from being confused with the wall surface, and to reduce the sense of space in the living room.

Third defense: improper wooden door measurement can not be installed

It is understood that the current wood door industry is very lack of excellent installation workers, so installation problems caused by improper measurement of wooden doors are very common. According to the professional of wooden door manufacturers, there are several factors to pay attention to when measuring the door. The first is the width of the door. Because most of the time, the wall is not straight, so measure the width at least the bottom, middle and top. The place to take the narrowest value; then the thickness of the door cover, the same reason, because the wall is not straight, so also measure the bottom, middle and top three positions, take the maximum value. If you make a mistake or only measure a place, it is likely to be impossible to install due to a 0.5 cm error, and sometimes even the wall can be installed.

When measuring, the consumer is best to check the measurement number and recorded data of the surveyor. Once the size of the door is measured, do not engage in other “patterns” on the wall close to the door, such as tiling. If you must move, you must notify the merchant within 24 hours of the measurement staff leaving.

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