Full-function trauma caregiver

Full-function trauma caregiver

Product main function:

â–  Washing and combing hair, washing face â–  Eye and ear cleaning medicine â–  Oral care, denture care â–  Mouth and nose tracheal intubation â–  Tracheostomy care â–  Suction method â–  Oxygen inhalation method â–  Oral and nasal feeding method â–  Gastric washing method â–  Thoracic anatomy is important Organ structure â–  Arm venipuncture, injection, infusion (blood)
■ Subcutaneous injection of deltoid muscle ■ Injection of lateral femoral muscle ■ Thoracic cavity, abdominal cavity, liver cavity, bone marrow, lumbar puncture ■ Enema method ■ Female catheterization ■ Male catheterization ■ Female bladder irrigation ■ Male bladder irrigation ■ Fistula drainage ■ Buttocks Intramuscular injection ■ Structure of important organs in the abdominal cavity ■ Overall care: scrubbing, dressing and changing ■ Left and right joints bending, rotating, moving up and down ■ Trauma evaluation and care: disinfection, cleaning, dressing change, hemostasis, dressing · Chest wall incision and suture wound care · Abdominal wall incision and suture wound care · Thigh trauma incision and suture wound care · Thigh skin laceration care · Thigh infectious ulcer care · Foot gangrene, 1st, 2nd, 3rd toe and heel pressure ulcer care · Upper arm amputation wound care · Calf amputation wound care

â–  Increase the trauma function module (all kinds of hemorrhagic trauma modules are attached with simulated blood vessel bleeding points)

· Facial burns ⅠⅡⅢ degree · Forehead laceration wound · Jaw trauma opening · Open clavicle fracture and chest wall contusion · Abdominal trauma with small bowel protrusion · Open fracture of right upper arm humerus · Open fracture of right hand, soft tissue tear wound, bone Tissue exposure · Right palm fire wound · Right thigh open femoral fracture · Left thigh composite femoral fracture · Right thigh metal foreign body puncture · Right calf open tibia fracture · Right foot open fracture Right little toe amputation trauma · Left forearm burn ⅠⅡⅢ Degree · Amputation trauma of left thigh · Closed fracture of tibia of left calf and contusion of ankle and foot · Cut suture wound of chest wall · Cut suture wound of abdominal wall · Cut suture wound of trauma of thigh · Skin laceration of thigh · Infected ulcer of thigh · Foot Gangrene, 1, 2, 3 toe and heel pressure sores · Upper arm amputation wound · Calf amputation wound

  • Lightweight and convenient to use. Sanding block files that can be used for finger and toe nails.
  • A handy little nail art tool to buff and shape up uneven nail surface before UV gel and acrylic application.
  • The buffer is easy to file edges,remove ridges,smooth and shine your nails,use it as like in nail's salon.
  • Perfect for general manicure purpose,suitable for professional use,used for finger and toe nails.
  • High Quality Sanding Block File For Nail Art,Suitable for home use or professional use.

Nail Block

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