Basic nursing model

Basic nursing model

The model is divided into 5 parts and can perform 18 basic nursing operations according to the operation specifications.

Main features:

â–  Oxygen inhalation method â–  Nasal feeding method â–  Gastric lavage method â–  Duodenal drainage operation â–  Double balloon compression of food and stomach fundus â–  Arm injection â–  Subcutaneous injection â–  Intravenous injection â–  Intravenous infusion â–  Vein puncture â–  Male catheterization â–  Male bladder Irrigation operation â–  Wound dressing is inserted into the tube of intubation to stop the gauze drainage strip â–  Femoral vein and femoral artery puncture â–  Intramuscular injection of the buttock â–  Enema method â–  Female catheterization â–  Female bladder irrigation

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