Engine start simulation teaching board

The engine start simulator is an easy-to-understand teaching model that is used to teach students in colleges, technical schools, and universities about the basic concepts of the engine start system.
The engine start simulation board easily guides students through learning procedures, experiments, and troubleshooting exercises. This program teaches the basic concepts of maintaining and repairing the starting system of modern automobiles, maintenance procedures and troubleshooting methods.
The simulation board shows the fuel, starting and ignition systems of the computer-controlled car engine. The simulated ignition system includes primary and secondary ignition circuits. Voltage and resistance can be measured using an inherent digital meter. Unlike test instruments, digital multimeters that students cannot damage. The lamp can display the engine working status and the fault described by the driver. Students can check the system, including fuel pressure, fuel gauge, oil filter, spark plug, battery status, and fuel nozzle atomization. The simulation panel includes normal, experimental and troubleshooting mode functions.
Course software provides a complete learning course for the car starting system. Students start from basic concepts to systematic experiments, and finally to comprehensive troubleshooting exercises. What students are taught is a logical, unique method of gradually solving problems.
The simulation board shows the computer-controlled gasoline engine fuel, starting and ignition system. The system clarifies the operation and interaction of electronic fuel injection and distributed ignition systems. The components, plugs, sockets and terminals make the training the best.
The components of the training system include: Student Experiment Manual of Simulation Panel The following components are provided on the simulation board to make it easy for students to get started:
Inherent multimeter; interactive LCD screen; ignition switch; battery; direct ignition device assembly; starter and starter solenoid coil; electronic control module; crankshaft sensor; electric; fuel pump throttle body electronic fuel nozzle; engine working status panel; Dynamic fuel pump; spark plug;
Purpose of study Understand how the starting system works; understand how the basic components in the starting system are active; understand the types of faults that appear in the starting system; for the starting system, use reasonable troubleshooting methods;
Experimental content The operation and function of the starting system: the storage battery, starter and electromagnetic coil ignition switch detect and repair the burnt solenoid coil and the electromagnetic coil are loosely connected.
Operation and function of direct ignition system: spark plug, ignition coil, crankshaft and ECU detect and repair loose battery ground wire and dirty ground cable. Input sensor and actuator operation; detect and repair the positive electrode and high internal resistance of the battery treated with sulfuric acid.
Fuel system operation and functions: fuel system delivery and electronic fuel nozzle detection; repair of damaged starter cables and starter winding disconnection; detection and correction of ECU fuse disconnection; fuel pump or relay coil burnout; failed fuel nozzle or fuel pressure Regulators and blocked fuel filters; Identify and repair dirty ignition switch contacts and open gear selector switches; Identify and correct dirty spark plugs; ignition coil short circuit; damaged ignition module; crankshaft sensor and ECU.
1 Faults that can be simulated
2 Loose ground connection
3 Starter winding break
4 Virtual connection of ground cable
5 Battery terminal vulcanization
6 The gear switch is open
7 Solenoid break
8 Electromagnetic coil virtual connection
9 Ignition switch dirt
10 Start cable break
11 Large internal resistance of battery
12 Battery positive connection
13 Insufficient fuel
14 Fuel pump failure
15 Fuel pump relay coil is open
16 Fuel pump fuse is open
17 Injector malfunction
18 Fuel filter clogged
19 Fuel pressure regulator failed
20 Spark plug dirt
21 Ignition coil secondary short circuit
22 Ignition module failure
23 Crankshaft sensor failure
24 EMC fuse short circuit
25 EMC controller failure

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