The first local service standard for the furniture industry will be implemented in Shanghai

A standardization of the "Shanghai Furniture Management Service Behavior" with the nature of service responsibilities and the technical and technical attributes supporting various economic service activities is being carried out in a tightly-knit manner under the leadership of the Shanghai Furniture Association.

China's first furniture industry local service standard will be implemented in Shanghai in order to adapt to the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, accelerate the need to promote Shanghai's service standardization requirements, and establish a service standardization mechanism by “government guidance, industry-led, enterprise main body, and social participation”.

“Standards” include introductions, scope, terms and definitions, basic conditions, operations management, service requirements, personnel management, normative appendices, informative appendices, and assessment criteria.

The "Shanghai Furniture Management Service Behavior" standard will be submitted to the Shanghai Technical Quality Supervision Bureau in early August through a series of collection opinions and revision procedures. It will be implemented as the first local service standard for the furniture industry in Shanghai.

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