Ten things to pay attention to when building a healthy home

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Everyone wants their home to be a warm and healthy home, so what can we do to achieve this goal? Xiaobian has compiled ten things to pay attention to to create a healthy home:

A: Use materials certified by health and environmental protection to reduce the use of colorful stones in the design, and use high-quality polyester paint and environmentally friendly lacquer to reduce the amount of alkyd paint used in rooms with poor air circulation.

Second: In the design of the kitchen and bathroom, minimize the damage to the waterproof layer and reduce the redo work in the decoration. If it is necessary to redo, environmentally friendly waterproof materials should be used. The release material of inferior waterproof material in the room is a major source of pollution. It contains a large amount of harmful substances such as benzene, toluene, xylene and trichlorophenol to a certain concentration, which can cause toxic coma in the human body in a short time. Even shock.

Third: When making the insulation layer, use environmentally-friendly insulation materials, and make the closure tight, because the insulation materials will emit harmful substances during the aging process. The main harmful substances in the insulation materials are benzene volatile gases. At a certain temperature (above 28 °C), the volatilization of benzene-containing substances may occur, causing symptoms such as dizziness and nausea.

Fourth: Under the premise of not destroying the structural safety, the air circulation caused by unreasonable structural improvement is not smooth. For example, in the bathroom, kitchen, etc., set up inductive exhaust and smoke exhaust equipment and exhaust fans that are closed for a delay. The combustion products during cooking and smoking are also sources of indoor air pollution. The composition of smoke in cigarettes and cigarettes in the kitchen is extremely complex, and more than 3,800 substances have been analyzed, which are present in the air in a gaseous or aerosol state. Medicine has confirmed that these sources of gaseous pollution are the main cause of pneumonia, bronchitis and chronic diseases.

Five: Introduce the sun into the room as much as possible, play the role of sunlight sterilization and mildew, avoid large-scale use of carpets, and design less dead ends to prevent bacteria and parasites from breeding.

The body's own metabolism and the volatile components of various domestic wastes are another cause of indoor air pollution. People living indoors, in addition to the body itself through the respiratory tract, skin, sweat glands can discharge a large number of pollutants, other daily life, such as makeup, pest control, etc. can also cause air pollution, so when there are too many people in the room, people will be dizzy, Even an allergic reaction occurs. People and pets living indoors will increase indoor temperature and promote the proliferation of microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses.

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