The custom furniture industry evolution bedroom will become the next stage of the new mainstream

Custom furniture has been in China for more than a decade. From the original sliding door to the current bookcase, the overall wardrobe, the whole cabinet, and even the overall bedroom, Chinese furniture has undoubtedly entered the era of customization. At present, there are many large and small brands on the market, and the competition is becoming more and more inclined to incandescence. How will the industry develop in the next stage? Guan Ting Wang Jun and other industry insiders firmly pointed out that the bedroom will become the new mainstream in the next stage, which is the future ten. Year's interest competition point.

Large bedroom market to be developed bedroom system

The development of China's custom furniture industry began in 1995 and 1996. At the beginning, it was only a sliding door. With the further development of the market, people gradually realized that sliding doors needed cabinets to match. So began to make wardrobes, bookcases, and more and more suites of furniture are all equipped with sliding doors, entering the custom furniture era represented by the overall wardrobe. Although custom furniture has been in China for more than a decade, it is also an emerging industry compared to other home industries. At present, in the urban households in China, the overall wardrobe ownership rate is less than 10%, which is far lower than the average of 72% in developed countries in Europe and America.

According to German research and analysis, the furniture industry is one of the largest industries in the world, and the most beneficial one is the custom-made industry. The huge development space of the industry has become one of the top five gold industries in China in the future. It is reported that in the next five years, the total capacity of the customized furniture market will be 400 billion yuan, and it will grow rapidly with an annual growth rate of 30%.

Compared with the huge market space, the domestic bedroom market is still basically blank. Many years ago, home textile companies proposed the concept of a whole bedroom, but limited to bedding and soft decoration. It is not a concept with the "one bedroom" mentioned now. In recent years, sporadic companies have proposed the concept of a whole bedroom, but have not yet formed a strict system. Even the overall bedroom, there is no clear definition in the industry. The overall bedroom, is it a trend or a hype? How does it differ from the overall wardrobe, so that consumers who have just accepted the overall wardrobe will have a way to go through the overall bedroom and bedroom system.

The bedroom system is bound to become the mainstream of the next stage

One-third of the time in a person's life spent in the bedroom, the "bedroom system" in the home decoration is also two to three times larger than the overall kitchen, the overall bathroom and other industries, can be foreseen, the professional all-around overall bedroom system, It will definitely be independent from the traditional decoration with absolute advantage, and form a professional sub-industry like the whole kitchen, and the prospect is very broad.

Wang Jun, the president of Guante, realized this a few years ago. He believes that as people pursue their tastes and lifestyles, the culture of a single product has its limitations. Only a series of identical or similar The perfect combination of style products can feel a relatively sound home life in the multicultural culture of product mapping. As a result, Guante became the first company in China to propose the concept of “bedroom system”. The bedroom is the area, integrating wardrobe, wall panel, door and bed products, and telling the system supporting and harmony of a complete supporting aristocratic bedroom health system. beauty of.

In 2011, Guante realized a comprehensive upgrade from the Danish style wardrobe to the Guante noble bedroom system. From the whole wardrobe to the whole bedroom system, it opened up the entire production line of the Guante noble bedroom health system, including custom wardrobes, custom furniture, custom flooring, Custom beds and more. After the upgrade, Guante has become a “noble bedroom health system” that combines diverse styles, various styles, and can meet the various needs of consumers. At the same time, the production line and product services are fully upgraded. Wang Juntai, President of Guante, hopes that through this series of efforts, more consumers will understand the importance of building a healthy and coordinated bedroom, and create a more convenient and higher quality home life for customers.

What does the integration of the bedroom mean?

The biggest intuitive feeling of the whole bedroom is the integration of the bedroom and the bedroom style. The uniform style of bedroom products such as wardrobes, beds, floors and doors can further highlight its style as a whole and give people a more harmonious feeling. At the same time, the overall order can make rational use of each space, and make greater use of the space to make full use of the space, not only to make the home space more open, but also a reflection of environmental protection.

But the overall bedroom system provides consumers with more than just style coordination, and more importantly, the guarantee of bedroom health. A healthy bedroom is more than just a bed, a wardrobe, a floor, it's a bedroom eco-chain, and the overall bedroom system has a better grasp. If each home product is purchased separately, it will not only take time and effort, but it is difficult to define the cause of pollution if the final bedroom factor exceeds the standard. The overall bedroom system can be unified to control, strictly control the production source of each product, as described in the Guante noble bedroom health system, "coexist with nature."

Living in a room with nature is the common aspiration of every healthy bedroom system practitioner. Creating a complete bedroom system, allowing the Chinese people to enjoy the healthy supporting bedroom space is the driving force for colleagues. The emergence of the bedroom system will certainly promote the development of China's overall home furnishing model, thereby changing the competitive landscape of China's home furnishing industry and becoming a new hot spot for consumption in the home furnishing industry.

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