Wireless binding bond strength detection

Swiss Martini trend-type wireless binding line, which belongs to the medium speed machine, the production speed is 6000/hour, with a rubberized rubberized glue pot and a side rubber glued plastic pot. At this time, the perfect offset has just arisen, combined with the actual production situation, Henan Xinhua Printing Group Co., Ltd. uses the method of "pulling paper" to detect the wireless binding books produced. The so-called "drawing paper" method is to carefully cut the pages of the books produced from the bonded bottom of the book into strips of different widths, hold them with the flat clips, and then pull the clips with the spring balance until the clips are held. Pull the paper strip off, measure the tension value, and measure the tension value at different positions on the same page and different pages of the same book, take the average value, calculate the ratio of the average value of the tension to the length of the book, as this The bonding strength of the book. This method has been used and has detected many problems.

In recent years, with the rapid development of wireless binding, a perfect binding line is difficult to meet the production needs, so Henan Xinhua Printing Group Co., Ltd. has introduced a Martini crown binding line with a production speed of 12,000 copies per hour. It is equipped with 2 adhesive glue pots and 1 side glue glue pot. At the same time, the original method of "drawing paper" is far from the limits and requirements of their detection of bond strength, and they must explore new detection methods.

After repeated experiments and technical innovations by technicians, according to national industry standards, they re-created a tensile testing device, which includes a horizontal inspection station, a flat clip that can hold the pages, and a connection. A spring scale or tensioner between the clamp and the tensioner, the other end of the tensioner has a hand crank, and finally the wire rope is used to connect the clip, the spring balance (the tension) and the hand crank.

The operation method is: clamping a single book page with a clip larger than the detected book on the horizontal detecting platform, and clamping the middle connected spring balance at a constant speed by the other end until the whole page of the book is from the book. Fully pulled out, at this time, the tension value displayed on the spring scale is divided by the book length, which is the bonding strength of the detected book page, so that different book pages are repeatedly detected, and finally the average value is taken as the bonding strength of the detected book. Pay attention to the operation process. Be sure to use a flat clip that is larger than the length of the page to tighten the page. When shaking the handle, the force should be even, and the speed should not be fast or slow. Do not pull the book page obliquely to ensure the measured value. accuracy. If the page is detached from the back of the book, the ratio of the external force to the length of the book is greater than 4.5 N/cm, and the bonding strength of the perfect binding book is determined to be acceptable.

Compared with the previous method of "pulling the paper", this method is more accurate and more suitable for multi-batch, high-volume, and high-speed wireless binding. Therefore, they have been used until now, and they hope to have some Inspired.

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