National 973 project successfully achieved 240Gbit / s real-time transmission

Wuhan Institute of Posts and Telecommunications announced that the national 973 project “Basic Research on Ultra-high Speed, Ultra-large Capacity and Ultra-long-distance Optical Transmission” undertaken by the Institute has successfully achieved 240Gbit / s real-time transmission. After being tested by experts from Peking University and the Telecommunication Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, its capacity index is at International leading level.

Backbone transmission network congestion problems brought about by the explosive growth of Internet traffic are becoming increasingly prominent. Optical fiber communication is evolving from multi-channel, high-speed to ultra-high-speed, large-capacity and ultra-long-distance (3U) optical communication. 400Gbit / s and 1-Tbit / s optical transmission technologies are the core technologies and pillars of building the next generation optical communication network. According to the introduction of Dr. Yu Shaohua, the chief scientist of the National 973 Project and the Wuhan Academy of Posts, there are currently two ways to explore the international frontier of ultra-high-speed and large-capacity optical fiber communications. One is to continuously refresh the capacity record through offline research, and the other is to conduct online real-time research. Towards large-scale commercialization.

The National 973 project jointly undertaken by Wuhan Institute of Posts and Telecommunications Science, State Key Laboratory of Optical Fiber Communication Technology and Networks, and Fiberhome Communications Co., Ltd. adopted an offline research method. In July this year, it completed 80 kilometers of multi-source 30.7Tb / s transmission, which is equivalent to A pair of optical fibers can realize 275 million pairs of people talking at the same time, which is the highest level of C-band transmission experiments in the world. In November this year, they used online real-time processing to sprint towards the goal of more difficult digital signal processing and higher technical requirements, and successfully realized 240Gbit / s coherent optical orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) signal on ordinary single-mode fiber Real-time transmission of 48 kilometers without error codes.

According to experts, this achievement marks China's research in the field of ultra-high-speed ultra-large-capacity transmission systems, and has laid the technical foundation for the ultra-high-speed ultra-large-capacity coherent optical OFDM transmission system to be commercialized. Yu Shaohua said that realizing 240Gbit / s real-time transmission benefits from the innovation of many key technologies. This project is the first in the world to propose a "high-bandwidth remote (non-local) local coherent reception" method, which solves the problem of real-time processing of ultra-high 100G high-speed coherent optical signals and greatly improves the system transmission rate.

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