Unique bistable flow function fast automatic hydrogen measuring instrument

CH-4 type fast automatic hydrogen measuring instrument features
1. It is suitable for determining the content of hydrogen in coal and other solid materials.
2. All test processes are controlled by single-chip microcomputer, and the test data is automatically corrected and processed.
3. The unique bistable flow function makes the test faster and the result more accurate.

CH-4 type fast automatic hydrogen measuring instrument technical parameters
Measuring range: hydrogen 0-20%, carbon 1-100%
Heating rate: 25 ° C / min, 30 min can be raised to 800 ° C
Measurement time: about 10-15min
Allowable error: hydrogen: ≤0.15% (same laboratory) Carbon: ≤0.50%
Power supply voltage: AC220 (1 ± 10%) V 50Hz
Temperature control: 800 °C ± 10 °C, 300 °C ± 10 °C
Line speed: ±0.1%
Sample: particle size <0.2mm about 65mg

Power : ≤3KW

CH-4 type fast automatic hydrogen measuring instrument


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