The prospect of uv wide format printing market is promising

“In 2008, China successfully hosted the 29th Beijing Olympics. To practice the concept of 'Green Olympics', many outdoor and indoor advertisements in Beijing have been replaced with environmentally-friendly advertisements, many of which are UV wide format printers. Statistics show that the next five years will be a great opportunity for the development of UV wide-format inkjet printers.” At the 11th Beijing International Print Information Exchange Conference, Li Jin, Assistant General Manager of Shenzhen Runtianzhi Image Technology Co., Ltd. prophecy. Li Jin said in an interview with a reporter from China Press and Newspaper that the reason for this judgment was that Shenzhen Run Tianzhi participated in the survey of international wide-format ink jet printers by international authoritative consulting agencies.

UV wide format printing machine grows rapidly

Li Jin revealed that surveys of wide-format inkjet printers conducted by international authoritative consulting agencies in the world in 2007 showed that, in 14 types of wide-format inkjet applications, an average of more than 80% of user traffic is in growth, and at least one-fourth of this The business can be completed by the UV wide format inkjet printer. The survey estimates that from 2005 to 2010, the average growth rate of UV wide-format inkjet printers around the world will reach 68%. The growth rate in Asia will reach 73%. This year, China, which has occupied 50.5% of Asia's market share, will reach the highest average growth rate of 84%.

In recent years, due to the environmental protection characteristics of UV curing, the environmental pollution is smaller than that of the solvent type, and the operating cost is equivalent to or even lower than that of the solvent type. Therefore, more attention has been paid to it. The survey results showed that the market share of UV inkjet wide-format inkjet printers quickly reached 11.7%, while the market share of solvent-based wide-format inkjet printers has dropped to 33.6%.

Wide range of UV wide-format inkjet printers

Since inkjet printing technology can perform printing without contacting media, it is called a "universal printer that cannot print except air and water." Li Jin, for example, said that the UV wide-format inkjet printer can not only print the web-type medium, but also rigid glass-type media such as glass, tiles, organic glass, PVC, wood and even metal plates.

UV wide format printing machine will further expand its application in the advertising industry. Due to the multi-media applicability of the UV wide format inkjet printer, the inkjet photorealistic screen is more vivid and vivid, clear and bright, and the effect is much better than screen printing, so it can not only produce outdoor advertising, indoor photo, but also in the shopping mall terminal. Derivative markets such as POP, photo studios and exhibitions are widely used.

In addition, in the printing industry, demand for small-volume on-demand printing businesses, such as personal pictorials, professional albums, professional books and magazines, professional bids, and various reports and documents, has grown rapidly. Personalized decoration, souvenirs and decorations are also a big market. The UV wide format printing machine can carry out personalized photo and pattern printing on various types of decoration materials to realize the interior and exterior personalized decoration and decoration. In electronic technology, PCB printed circuit boards can also be printed using UV wide format inkjet printers, which will be greatly improved.

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