Teach you how to quickly solve the problem of large pores

1st STEP
Correct cleaning: proper cleansing + exfoliation As long as you can do a good job of cleaning and moisturizing, you can make the impossible task of shrinking pores just around the corner. Washing your face is like a double-sided blade for your skin. If you don't wash off the excess grease on your face, it will easily get grease and dirt stuck in the pores, causing problems of acne, youthful beans and large pores. However, if you wash your face too hard, wash away too much oil, it will make the skin The oil and water are out of balance, causing the inside of the oil to dry. Therefore, daily cleaning and maintenance must be appropriate.

Clean DO

Before washing your face, remember to wash your hands first, then apply a hot towel to your face for about a minute, let the pores open, and then foam the cleansing products. Start by cleaning the T-parts and other areas where the oil is more secreted. Gently rub your cheeks in a circular pattern and rinse them off with plenty of water.

Oil control DO:

Don't forget the intake of vitamin B group on weekdays. The content of brown rice, soybeans and fish is quite high; especially the lack of vitamins B2 and B6 will make your nose sparkle. If the leak is really fierce, let the dermatologist help you with a vitamin A acid oral, but be sure to ask about the contraindications and usage.
In order to visually make the pores instantly become "invisible molecules", use a pore modification containing a telluride or a light modifier to subtly cover the pores by filling the pores or the soft focus effect in the optical principle. It's a good idea to be smooth and flawless. However, the use of these products on the website, but will make the pores blocked, is this statement incorrect? In fact, as long as the pores are used up and the cleaning work is done, the above problems can be avoided.

Pore ​​reduction DO:

The easiest way to shrink your pores is to apply ice to your face before applying makeup. However, for different types of pores, different pore countermeasures should be taken. For those who often produce oil and have obvious pores in the T-shaped part, pay special attention to cleaning problems and oil control problems; for acne-type pores, remove the acne in the blocked pores and adjust the oil-water balance; while the loose and non-elastic pores are thick, Give adequate moisturization, promote the proliferation of the dermis, and restore the skin to its proper tension and elasticity.
Thanks, the old waste is excreted. Also remember to add more foods containing vitamin B5 (such as beans, eggs), vitamin E (such as almonds, milk) and F (such as seaweed, green vegetables) to lock, retain and replenish moisture.

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