(Su Education Edition) Two compulsory courseware: Topic 1 Lesson 4 "Bird Cry"-College Entrance Examination Courseware

(Sioux Version) Two compulsory courseware: Topic 1 Lesson 4 "Bird Cry" 1. In the daytime, no bird song can be heard, but the shape of the bird can be seen. No creature in the world is more handsome than a bird. How many unknown birds jump on the branches, some have long tails, some have long pointed beaks, some have a dazzling color on their chests, and some only fly when they fly A flash of colorful flowers. There are almost no exceptions. The body of the bird is exquisite and full, thin and not shriveled, full and not bloated. It is really too thin for one point, and too thick and fat as a fat, and so light. Spirit, there is a spring on the feet, look at it as a branch, look forward to the wind-a sharp joy pierces my heart.

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