Solid wood flooring is warm and elegant, while paying attention to buying common sense

There are more and more consumers currently using wooden floors to decorate their homes. The solid wood floor is warm and elegant, warm and soft, heat preservation, noise reduction, comfortable and flexible foot feel are favored by consumers. When purchasing solid wood flooring, please refer to the following points:

First, measure the moisture content of the floor

The national standard stipulates that the moisture content of wooden floors is 8% to 13%. In fact, China has a vast territory and different water content requirements in different regions. General wood floor distributors should have a moisture content meter. If not, it indicates that the water content is not valued. At the time of purchase, the moisture content of the selected wooden floor in the exhibition hall is measured first, and then the moisture content of the same type of wood flooring of the same specification and the same specification is measured. If the difference is +2%, it can be considered qualified.

Second, observe the accuracy of the wooden floor

Generally, after the wooden floor is unpacked, 10 pieces can be taken out and assembled by hand. Observe the bite of the joint, assemble the gap, and the height difference between the adjacent plates. If the seam is strictly combined, the hand feel has no obvious height difference.

Third, check the defects of the substrate

First check whether the same tree species, whether it is mixed, whether the floor has defects such as dead knots, joints, cracking, decay, and bacteria. As for the chromatic aberration of the floor, since the wooden floor is a natural wood product, there is an objective phenomenon of chromatic aberration and unevenness of the pattern, which is unavoidable. And laying solid wood flooring feels the feeling of returning to nature, is in its natural colors, patterns, if excessive pursuit of the floor without color, it is unreasonable, as long as the pavement can be slightly adjusted.

Fourth, select the board surface, paint quality

When choosing, the key is to look at the paint film finish, no bubbles, paint leakage and abrasion resistance.

V. Identification of woodland plate species

At present, the names of tree species on the market are very chaotic. Because the growth environment of wood is different, the materials of the same tree species are slightly different, and the prices of raw materials are different. However, the materials imported are not better than the domestic materials. China has many kinds of trees and abundant resources. The tree species in the area are good, the floor price is lower than that of similar imported materials. Some manufacturers promote the sale, and the wood is crowned with various kinds of wood sciences, such as: cherry wood, rosewood, gold, and jade. The name is fragrant; more even, the low-grade wood is used in low-end, consumers must not be confused by the name, to clarify the material, so as not to be fooled. In fact, when buying wooden flooring, it is best to go to a company with good brand reputation and high reputation. In addition to quality assurance, regular enterprises have a certain warranty period for the products, and warpage and deformation occur during the warranty period. Problems such as dry cracking, manufacturers are responsible for repairs, can avoid the worries of consumers.

6. Determine the appropriate length and width

The solid wood floor is not as long as it is wider and wider. It is recommended to choose medium and short length floors, which are not easy to be deformed; wood floors with excessive length and width are relatively easy to deform.

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