P&G Cosmetics Bottles Will Use Domestic PVA Products

What is polyvinyl alcohol? Many people may not understand it. But when it comes to its PVA, many people think of films, fiber materials, adhesives, and so on. The reporter learned yesterday from Sichuan Vinylon Factory that the factory is producing polyvinyl alcohol for the United States P&G and used as a cosmetics bottle. As early as the end of this year, early next year, P&G's shampoo bottles and cosmetic bottles will use PVA products.

The appearance of PVA is white powder, and its performance lies between plastic and rubber. Due to its advantages of being non-toxic and non-irritating to skin, PVA is widely used in many industries such as food, construction, textile and papermaking processing. Procter & Gamble Company's requirements for PVA materials are very strict. After the company has conducted tracking and inspection of the plant for 8 years, this year it decided to hand over nearly 8,000 tons of PVA product orders to the plant.

The so-called PP Bag is made with polypropylene as the material of plastic bags, its general use of color printing, offset printing process, bright colors, generally do more woven bags, in addition, PP bag is tensile polypropylene plastic, belongs to a thermoplastic.It is non-toxic, tasteless and transparent.Easy to burn, flame for melting dripping, yellow under blue, from the fire smoke less, continue to burn, more used for cosmetics, food, toys, clothing, stationery, electronics, hardware products and other industries packaging.The color is transparent, good quality, good toughness, because of its hard brittle material decided that it is only suitable for packaging is not suitable for load-bearing.

PP Bag

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