On the Main Principles and Advantages of Self-made Surface Printing Machine

First, the advantages of self-made curved surface printing machine

The surface printer itself is not a high-tech product. It is neither complicated nor esoteric. It understands some principles of mechanical braking and has rich experience in screen printing. Since the self-made curved surface printing device has no electrical device, it also avoids the maintenance troubles caused by the circuit and gas circuit failure in use; moreover, the self-made curved surface printing device is light in weight, low in cost, simple and flexible, and one-in-one versatile. It has not only changed the bulkiness, high cost, single function, sluggishness and monotony of traditional curved surface printing machines, but also catered to the speciality and diversification of modern curved surface printing materials.

Second, what is the surface printing

As the name implies, all the materials used for beautifying, decorating and embellishing purposes are not flat, but are curved, arc, concave, and convex shapes of various materials, such as common cups, wine glasses, and teas that are commonly used in our daily lives. The screen printing of cylinders, ashtrays, various bottles, cylinders, and test tubes for chemical and medical tests, smoked cups, measuring tools, etc., at specific or unspecified positions on the surface can be referred to as "curved printing."

Third, the importance of scraper selection

The choice of squeegee during curved printing is critical (note: sometimes overlooked by many screen printers), squeegee (also known as squeegee), specifically a type of ink on a "formed screen". Hand or machine tools pressed onto the substrate, usually consisting of polyurethane strips with a thickness of 8 to 10 mm and a hardness of 60 to 80 Shore A (Shore A) and fitted with wooden or aluminium handles. Experienced screen printers all know that the squeegee used for curved printing must have the “two-high four-resistance” condition, ie, high elasticity, high hardness; chemical resistance, solvent resistance, acid and alkali resistance, abrasion resistance . Especially in the case of color-printing fine curved surface objects, the choice of scraper must be emphasized. Only in this way can an effect be achieved with less effort. The practice proves that this is also true.

Fourth, the main principle of curved printer

We use cylindrical objects to illustrate, cylinder surface printing materials are mostly used bearing four-point support outside the scroll to complete the printing, self-made curved surface printing machine is no exception, just more than other curved surface printing machinery two sets of devices. It is different from when printing ultra-conventional or tapering objects, and in the case of containers with “straps”, a special “mini-assisted reel” and probe-type “diameter retractable reels” are attached.

1 Special "mini-assisted runner" is for the diameter of 0.8 ~ 2cm objects (such as art chopsticks, ballpoint pen shell, brush pen, glass test tubes, etc.) printing;

2 The rod type "inner diameter retractable reel" is for objects with large taper that can't be normally printed by the four-point support of the outer mirror, and substrates for "tape" (such as ceramic cups, enamel mugs, stainless steel snack cups, etc.) ) And specifically designed. The device rotates lightly and steadily, and can be freely adjusted according to the size of the substrate's inner diameter. It is a six-point support of the inner cavity, and the telescopic adjustable rotating rotation completes the printing. In the operation of the squeegee during the formal printing, the regular positioning of the workpiece is the same as that of overprinting and conventional curved printing presses.

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