Molecular theory of moisturizing people

Summer moisturizing macromolecules PK small molecules up to people if you moisturizer, moisturizing ingredients will certainly know how to have that small molecules and large molecules, if you are controlling moisture, it must be understood that small and large molecules moisturizing ingredients.
Moisturizing ability PK big molecule wins!
In terms of molecular structure, skin-friendliness, safety and moisture content, in fact, the macromolecular moisturizing ingredient hyaluronic acid is similar to γ-GPA. And their super-large moisture content is derived from their huge molecular weight, both of which are between 1 million and 3 million Daltons. The hyaluronic acid with a molecular weight of 1 million has a water absorption rate of 400 times. Compared with a small molecular moisturizer such as a molecular weight of glycerin of 92 and a water absorption of 0.6 times, it is obvious that the macromolecular hyaluronic acid is much more powerful and moisturizing.
Penetration ability PK small molecule wins!
Hyaluronic acid with a molecular weight of 1 million (300,000 collagen, γ-GPA is more than 1 million), the molecular length is more than 1000 nm, and the gap between the stratum corneum is only 50 nm. It is difficult to put into the horny skin like an oversized blanket. There is only a small drawer of 50 nanometers. Small molecule moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin can easily enter the keratin space and be absorbed by the skin.
Moisturizing, such as the use of small molecules, the choice of macromolecules : a good moisturizer, the size of molecular moisturizers exist at the same time, macromolecular moisturizers can play the best role. However, depending on the humidity environment and needs you are in. How to judge the moisturizing ability is enough, if you get enough moisture on your skin, the skin will be itchy, rough, tight, and even fine lines appear.
Use: If small molecules can be used first, and macromolecules can be used later, then small molecules can also contain some small molecules such as amino acids, minerals, vitamins, etc., moisturizing will not just be to grab, grasp, lock "water". Instead, take care of the nutrients needed in healthy epidermal cells.
Moisturizing ingredients smart choice of macromolecules & small molecules?
The concept of different molecular size and penetration into the skin has been popularized above. How can a simple method be used to judge whether a product is a large molecule or a small molecule? What is the order of use of lotions, essences, eye creams, lotions, and gels?
● Lotion - Almost transparent lotion, which has no stickiness when applied, can be regarded as a small molecule and very few macromolecules. The quality of the lotion should be ranked first.
● Essence - usually with a little consistency or thick. If you use the essence in the usual way, when you make makeup on the foundation, it will obviously lose the debris. This kind of essence is added to the macromolecular gel (such as hyaluronic acid, γ-GPA, etc.). You can choose between two options: First, let the maintenance order of this bottle of essence go back. Simply put, it is not suitable for use after the lotion, because it will not absorb the ingredients of the lotion. Second, try to choose the essence that is not easy to use.
● Eye cream, eye lotion or eye gel - Eye cream may be oily, but oil molecules are not equal to macromolecules. In the past, the idea that oil molecules were very large was an unfounded paradox. A high-moisturizing, high-oil eye cream should be placed before the gel (usually containing macromolecular components). Eye gel, eye gel or other eye gel, gel cream, etc., the judgment is: the appearance is not absolutely white, with a bit of turbidity, with a little through, semi-transparent, full penetration, the focus is consistency. For this kind of eye care products, you can buy some clean skin first, and when you are dry, you will see if there is any crumbs. The crumbs indicate that there are many gums, that is, the molecular weight is large. Compared with the gel of the essence, which one is used first.
● Lotion, cream or night cream – everyone thinks that lotion, cream or night cream should be the last! Of course not absolutely. After milk and cream, the most suitable one is moisturizing jelly (jelly texture). The reason is very simple. Milk and cream are not equal to the collection of macromolecule skin care products. Therefore, milk and cream can be used before eye gel or gel. The method of judging is the same as above. Some of them are cleaned on the clean skin. When they are dry, they will see if there is any crumbs. The crumbs indicate that there are many gums, that is, the molecular weight is large. It should be placed in the back, if there are chips, then there will be less shards and more shackles.
● The order of moisturizing is awkward again - although it has been said that the order depends on the consistency and crumbs of the product, but if you are still dizzy, concentrate on it once again. If the product can be simplified into: 1. small molecule concentrated formula of lotion; 2. oil molecule concentrated essence (or single-use packaging like capsules); 3. moisturizing essence (or moisturizing gel). Then the moisturizing is the order of 1 → 2 → 3. And what if you choose the order 1 → 3 → 2? The answer is very simple. The moisturizing effect at that time looks almost the same. After half a month, the skin texture will be very different. Because 1 → 2 → 3 has sent small molecules into the skin, and 1 → 3 → 2 skin will eat less nutrients, and ultimately only a short-term moisturizing effect, no skin quality improvement effect. Therefore, eye gel and gel should be used after milk, cream, eye cream or essence.

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