Lip care tips have sexy lips is not a dream

In daily skin care, girls often ignore the lips, and many people are not accustomed to using lip balm, which causes the lips to peel during the winter and often accompanied by cracking. Therefore, the care of the lips is very important. Let's take a look at the lip care tips, so that you have a sexy lip is not a dream!

Lip care tips, sexy lips are not a dream

The skin of the lips is thin and delicate, and the thickness of the tissue layer is only 1/3 of the skin of the body. Because it does not have sebaceous glands, it becomes more sensitive in winter, protecting the lips from the dryness of peeling. These years, it is recommended to use lip balm to protect the lips all year round, avoiding the lips. Premature appearance of lip lines and darkening, leading to the appearance of "mother-in-law".

We often see a hot bath to moisturize the skin. Is it possible to relieve dryness by using hot water bubble lips or wetting the lips with hot water?

The method of using the wet compress to moisturize the lips is correct, but the mistake is wrong on the hot water!

The thickness of our lips is only one-third of the skin, and there is no sebum and sweat glands in the lips. It is the most vulnerable part. The water used for wet lips must not be very hot. Use normal temperature or warmth. It can be used, and it should not be too hot when it is hot with a towel.

In addition, people whose lips are easy to dry and crack, do not drink hot drinks and too hot food, which easily breaks the horniness of the lips and causes peeling. In the application of lipstick, it is necessary to choose products that do not contain pigments and flavors, because these ingredients do not have a good effect on the lips.

Is it wrong to wipe the lipstick with a paper towel?

There is very little protective layer on the lips, and women use lipstick almost every day. If you just wipe it off with a paper towel, you can not completely erase the color, and it is easy to leave residual makeup in the lip, and then pull it to the lip. It is also easy to cause the consequences of deepening the lip lines. If it is easy to have small peeling in the lips in the winter, it is even more undesirable to directly rub the lipstick at this time, which is very likely to cause inflammation of the lips. The correct way is to use a lip makeup remover for wet application, then gently massage gently along the lip lines to completely dissolve the remaining lipstick. After the meal, apply a lipstick containing VE to protect the lips. >>>Inventory Korean actress's method of washing face

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