KingCamp grabs fleece in autumn and winter and "hits" out of the tide. Read more>>

The resurgence of color hitting clothes is a major feature of the clothing for spring and summer of 2011. Designers have uninterruptedly used yellow and purple, red and green and other strong contrasting colors in a large area for the same clothes and opened a field. Take a fantastic visual feast. Of course, hit color is not the patent of spring and summer clothing, dark autumn and winter season requires beautiful colors to adjust, autumn and winter of 2011, outdoor brand KingCamp launched a couple models fleece KW9133, KW9134, with color hit design to lead the outdoor trend.

After September, the weather became cooler and colder, quick-drying clothes were put on the shelf, and fleece began to become a must-have item for outdoor trips. Different from the boring and dull colors of the fleece in the past, the KingCamp KW9133 men's wear has a contrasting design to add a stylish feel. With black and dark grey, dark blue and dark grey to create a steady feeling, the bright yellow main zipper and the same color chest zipper make the whole dress more vivid.

KingCampKW9133 Male

Couple models KW9134 for female models fleece, the color choice is more contrasting, through the blue with yellow, rose red with a blue way to make the whole garment out of the dim view, while the use of bright yellow main zipper and The same color chest zipper makes the color of the clothes more coordinated.

Couple models clothing KW9134

The two KingCamp Sweatshirts not only focus on design, but also do a good job on warmth - made of 100% polyester fiber material, sewing the British Coats line, providing superior comfort thermal performance.

Couple models clothing KW9134

KingCamp grabs a fleece to give you a beautiful warm outdoor life

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