Introduction to Team Leaders' General Knowledge (II): How to Conduct Interactions in the Vehicle

(b): How to conduct on-board interaction

The first point, interaction in the car, is the best time for the team leader to understand the players.

It is impossible for the team leader to take care of every team member in the event, and the team members' ideas vary. Through the activities, the team leader found in time the small groups, old donkeys, activists, and problematic mountain friends (eg, overweight mountain friends, poor-quality, overburdened, older, stabbing heads). For those who are too active, there is the need to take care of the small MM, etc.) The so-called "know yourself, know each other, do not fight every battle", can grasp the information of the players the first time, thinking about how to mobilize the enthusiasm of Laoshan You?

How to help the weak donkey? How to make talented mountain friends show their style? On the basis of a willingness to make a fight, the advantages of the players are fully brought into play. This is done well. It is equivalent to having a left arm and a right arm, and the leader’s worries are gone. The specific operation and role will be talked about later.

The second point is that the art program will be conducted.

There are a lot of outdoor talents, and there are level art programs that will add luster to the event. Avoid vulgar low-level words and programs. There are elderly people and children in the activities. What are the "young goats? Ten should not wait for such vulgar and obscene programs to see the crowd when they perform. For example, when we hear that "when we should" sing from the mouth of a childish child, we ask him to "learn from the gorillas." "Leaders learn." The team leader does not pay attention to these small details, and the negative effects are irreparable. There are many examples of this that put the leader into perversion. When the team leader becomes a public figure, he must check his behavior. For the time being put on this car

Literary activities are divided into two points, the long-term activities and short-term activities of the cultural arrangements on the car.

1, short-term cultural activities.

Such close activities as Nanshan, the drive is only 1-2 hours, the team leader himself plus 1-2 professional points selected Shanyou as the backbone of literature and art. A small number of people participate in the performance, and most people are spectators. Such a ratio is the most modest. Friends are often heard to say that going out to play because of not being good at performing and forcing performances to play shows has become their ideological burden and pressure. Leaders with corrupt leisure activities must be able to make everyone happy to spend this time. The leader with violence activities is also a saying. After many times of practice, the violence line is not very suitable for engaging in too many cultural and artistic activities, and the recruits resent it. Especially on the way back, they say nonsense and it is easy to provoke fatigue. Unbearable temperament of players.

2, long-term cultural activities.

A. The long driving time and the arrangement of cultural activities must be given to the backbone. The leader can only play with the team. Why is this? The leader must reserve energy. In the long-term activities, the safety department of a car man is handed over to the leader, and no mistakes can be made.

B. The program of the arts is carried out according to the people's mental state. It is intermittent and intermittent. The interval time is not easy to be too long.

C. On the road, the team leader has to consider and do too many things besides repeatedly consolidating the route. We must keep our minds clear and full of energy in order to be able to do things without confusion and not be alarmed when things do.

Third, easy to ride.

1. Car rides are a very consuming task. Whenever a long-term activity takes a car for a few hours, it can be astounding. It is recommended that long-distance parking should be provided to allow the team members to get out of the air, exercise their stiff limbs, and stretch their waist. "Why do you want to walk?" To put it bluntly, it means to be on foot after being ill (my personal point of view). Therefore, to give the blood circulation time, don't get rid of the players' illnesses by driving for a long time.

2. The team leader must find out the members of the motion sickness in advance and take care of them.

If the team leader can do the above, it means that the foundation of this activity is solid, and the risks in the activity are distributed out.

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