Interesting talk about packaging gift design

Interesting talk about gift packaging design

It is not a gift but a package that is sent through the festival. The exquisite relics collection Kanagawa not only carries out basic functions such as the protection of goods, the transmission of product information, and the promotion of goods, but also carries information on the exchange of emotions between people and enhances the value of gifts. . From a commercial point of view, gift packaging is a bridge that embodies the human emotional communication medium and mutual love.

With the development of the times and the advancement of science and technology, we should constantly explore and recover some intriguing connotations and a higher aesthetic interest in gift packaging design. A concern for traditional culture and a deeper physical examination should be noted. The traditional inheritance and deconstruction, the pursuit and exploration of the taste of art. In the style of gift packaging design, it emphasizes a natural, intimate, rustic, healthy and environmentally friendly aesthetic sense. As a gift packaging design, it is not only limited to circulation and display on the market and shelves, but also can be more involved in people's social relations and life. Among the details, there are emotional exchanges of gifts, hand-writable features, these are different from the general packaging of "one-time" use characteristics, need to have an intriguing connotation, refreshing charm, and more humanized design become the focus.

The design of gift packaging we are referring to today does not refer to a particular area, such as souvenir packaging, but should be integrated into all areas of commodity packaging. From the perspective of vertical and horizontal fields of product packaging, gift packaging involves gift packaging. Always, infiltrate the various points of the commodity packaging field, it should be a diversified, all-encompassing remnants of Tokyo packaging design types, such as: flower plant packaging, food packaging, apparel packaging, native product packaging, handicraft packaging, cosmetics packaging, electrical appliances Product packaging, daily necessities packaging, fruit packaging, toy packaging and so on.

Gift packaging takes “emotion” as its appeal point, and “communicating” as the purpose of design. It integrates the content of products and the form of design to enhance the taste of “ritual”. In terms of its cultural aspects, gift packaging can be embodied in two aspects. First, gift packaging design should highlight national cultural characteristics and characteristics of the times; second, gift packaging design should adopt natural materials to convey “strong and simple "Friendship," natural and harmonious cultural connotation.

First of all, with the improvement of people’s living standards, while pursuing material satisfaction, they are also eager to pursue spiritual satisfaction. That is, they need a packaging with a cultural taste, which can lead consumers to generate an emotional resonance. Therefore, we should think about the social utility of design and focus on the cultural nature of design. Culture refers to the material and spiritual production capacity, material wealth, and spiritual wealth acquired by humans in the course of social practice. The development of form forms a national tradition. However, the culture that this packaging design should represent does not refer to the traditional culture of the country alone, but is a complex that coexists with the characteristics of the times. Traditional packaging forms of various nationalities in our country are diverse, and cultural progress directly affects the development of packaging, especially the packaging of gifts. Traditionally, various types of boxes and boxes made of Phoebe and eucalyptus are used for storing pens, inks, books, paintings, enamels, and other articles. It is a kind of exquisite gift packaging. The people of all ethnic groups use reasonable materials in their packaging, produce cleverly crafted, uniquely shaped, distinctive decorative styles and rich local traditional styles, which make foreigners feel unique and unique. When humans follow the pace of the times, they are increasingly attached to traditional culture. China is a country with a long history. For many years, it has deposited many essences of ancient, modern, modern and folk art. People have inextricably bound it. In the "Biluochun" gift tea packaging shown in Figure 1, the melodious, elegant, musky, and long-lasting emotions of Chinese tea culture are vividly reflected. The luxurious and elegant pattern is used as a packaging material, which is concise and crisp yet nationalized. Expressing the characteristics of humanistic culture in tea gift packaging, it also integrates the emotional communication in world culture. The dignified text and the intense and rich color contrast give the tea culture its quality attributes.

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