Do you feel the same thing in the gym?


According to the US "Huffington Post" report, with the improvement of the quality of life, people have saved a lot of money in health, please personal trainer, meditation, yoga, diet adjustment, become a gym member and so on. If you often go to the gym to exercise, have you encountered the following 5 troubles inside and outside the classroom? If these things bother you, then maybe you should consider changing a more professional club or a personal trainer.

First, group fitness, someone is late

Most of the traditional fitness courses are multi-personed together. In the classroom of dozens of people, if there are several "chaotic elements" who are often late, or "occupied positions", the so-called "standing and squatting" students exist. The process of exercising is really enough to block.

Second, fitness is also graded, most afraid of "stall team"

Even if the national education system repeatedly emphasizes "quality education" and improves the overall quality of students, we will not be familiar with the division of so-called key classes, intermediate classes, and primary classes. Similarly, in the gym space, we have different physical skills and skills differences, we will be assigned to different levels of physical exercise, the most fear is to train with a class of students who are far from their own level, If you have too good physical fitness or too bad, you can't achieve the purpose of exercise.

Third, strangers “occupied” their own space.

Most of the like-minded "brothers" in the gym are strangers, and physical exercise requires stretching the limbs to inevitably "collide" to the people around them. How to protect your so-called private space in public places is a must for everyone who enters the gym to exercise.

Fourth, whispering and whispering during class

This is due to the release of stress, but because of the "small group" in the gym completely disregarding others, the space for fitness is turned into a short place for parents, and the public and private calls in the classroom must be Will be everyone's eyes.

Fifth, the coach is not appetizing

It’s not easy to get a coach that fits your personality and rhythm with your own pace in the gym. I’m afraid more and more people are willing to pay a few times the amount of money to ask for a “personal coach” at the same time. The reason is.

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