Buy three types of baby skin care products Raiders

[China Washing Cosmetics Net Report] Good quality baby toiletries, after strict medical tests, prove that the quality is pure and mild, and the ingredients are completely in line with the characteristics of infant skin, which is very different from adult products. The skin is not irritating and does not cause an allergic reaction.

Skin care

Baby oil, children's cream, children's honey, etc. are all skin care. Most of them add appropriate amount of fungicides, vitamins, pearl powder, protein and other nutritional health care additives, and the products are mostly neutral or slightly acidic, consistent with the pH value of infant skin. It is often used to protect your baby's skin, prevent excessive moisture loss or impregnation, avoid dryness, cracking or drowning of the skin, and irritation of the baby's skin caused by fecal, urine, acid, alkali or microbial growth.

Washing class

Children's shampoos, children's baths, baby soaps, etc. are all washing. Bath products for babies require mild performance and are non-irritating to the baby's skin and eyes. It is better not to wash away the inherent sebum on the skin. Children with good quality have a high viscosity of shampoo and do not easily flow into the eyes during shampooing. Baby soaps are generally "neutral" or "fat-rich" soaps, which contain skin care lanolin and are very irritating and suitable for infants.

Children's talcum powder, toilet water

The basic function of talcum powder is to keep the skin dry and clean, and to prevent and reduce the friction of the underwear or diaper on the skin. After the baby's bath or partial skin cleansing, use some baby talcum powder to protect your baby's delicate skin. It is best to use the toilet water in the summer without adding alcohol. At the same time, use a moisturizer that can disinfect, sterilize and avoid mosquitoes.

Shopping guide

1. Buy professional products

It is not a professional, regular production of children's skin care products manufacturers, it is likely to contain adult product ingredients, so it is best not to buy.

2. Choose mature products, old products

Even if it is a manufacturer specializing in the production of children's cosmetics, it is best not to buy new products. Wait a first time or a partial test and find that there is no problem to buy.

3. Buy good quality products

The baby's resistance is weak. When choosing a skin care product, be cautious. If you want to choose a good quality product, you must not be cheap.

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