3 square meters of porch closet design storage has also become happy and romantic

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] 3 square meters of small entrance closet , the function is very powerful, can be stored and can be decorated. Whether it is a small apartment or a large duplex, the design of the porch closet feels different, with a happy mood to store, you will find it is a loving thing.

Open wardrobe

American country wardrobe design

At the corner of the space, the cabinet can be rested and can be stored. The top cabinet can also be placed with potted plants, photo frames and other items. The bags and jackets that can be used for work can be hung here.

Entrance wardrobe

Mashup wardrobe design

The color difference is relatively large, the white cabinet, the striped carpet, it looks very harmonious, the owner uses the woven basket to store, there is also a sentiment.

Wardrobe design

Duplex wardrobe

Although the space is small but it gathers various practical functions, it is a space idea with a powerful storage function.

Open wardrobe

Open wardrobe design

The open hangers are combined with the cabinets, which are full of simple Nordic style. The spacious countertops can also be used as a small dressing table.

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