2010 perfume bottle best packaging design works

Jacques Polge, the top perfume designer, said: “Good perfumes seduce not only the sense of smell but also the vision. The visual impact of a perfectly designed perfume bottle actually captures the customer’s heart earlier than the olfactory temptation. The perfume bottle is not just a small container filled with fragrance, it is also a collection of works of art."

The design of each perfume bottle has its own story, its soul, and the theme it expresses, through which to display its own unique temperament. Now let's take a look at these perfumes that won the Oscar FIFI Awards, the packaging design award, and take a closer look at these beautifully designed and unique perfume bottles. 2010 perfume Oscar FiFi Awards
Best Packaging - Women's Popular Appeal
Fragrant Annual Packaging Design - Best Word of Mouth

Bath And Body Works Signature Collection Collection PS I Love You

Received 2010 perfume Oscar FIFI Fifi Award "best packaging design - popular female incense."

The PS I Love You fragrance was launched in 2009 by Bath & Body Works. It is a love inspired aroma that is elegantly feminine. Perfume was selected as a scent of roses that symbolizes eternal love, releasing the passionate love of flowers. Fresh and stylish Oriental floral fragrance reveals a romantic and sweet friendship, exotic fragrance, the passion of love and the softness of women.

Its perfume bottle design perfectly matches the theme of perfume and exudes the tenderness of love. The perfume bottle is modeled after an antique ink bottle. Its bottle cap is like a pen inserted in an ink bottle, which depicts romantic love notes. In addition, soft and bright pink, smooth and smooth lines, these all reflect the creativity and meticulous intentions of the perfume bottle design.

2010 perfume Oscar FiFi Awards
Best Packaging – Men's Prestige
Male fragrance packaging of the year - the most popular

John Varvatos Artisan Male Perfumes

John Varvatos Artisan Artisan Male Perfume received the "Best Men's Fragrance Packaging Design" for the 2010 Oscar FIFI Fifi Award.

Artisan craftsman male perfume was launched in March 2009. Fragrance perfumers are John Varvatos and Rodrigo Flores-Roux from Givaudon. It is a citrus fragrance perfume.

John Varvatos Artisan Artisan's fragrance perfume bottle designer is Jon Cisler. The master's design is full of ingenuity, using exquisite yellow-brown rattan image to express Artisan craftsman male perfume, delicate, simple but yet Pure masculinity. Perfume is 75ml and 125ml Eau de Toilette.

2010 perfume Oscar FiFi Awards
Best Packaging – Women's Prestige
Female Fragrance Packaging of the Year - Most Popular Award

La Prairie Life Threads Silver Silver, Gold Gold and Platinum Platinum

Silver Silver, Gold Gold, and Platinum are the Life Threads Life Ladies launched by La Prairie.

The perfume is inspired by the colorful life of women. Every woman plays many roles in her life. They face many choices. For all this, every woman has her own wise choice. La Prairie created a series of perfumes based on their different moods and different feelings.

Perfume bottle is made of translucent glass, inlaid with silver, gold and platinum, the delicate silk thread from the inside inlaid, with no mess, from the inside to reflect the different light, very delicate. This meticulous process design highlights the elegance of the fragrance and its distinctiveness, with a capacity of 50ml.

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